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Will I Pass a Drug Test If I Smoked One Week Ago?

March 31, 2020

Drug tests are required by many industries and the truth is that they are mandatory to ensure you are indeed the right person for a particular job. It makes sense to take a drug test, and there are many different drug tests out there. But you have to wonder, if you smoked weed a week ago, is that going to appear in your system?

What a lot of people don’t realize here is the fact that everyone handles weed in a different way. Their metabolism is definitely different, so you have to assess the situation individually. The THC metabolism is certainly different, and it’s stuff like that which will make a huge difference all the time.

Why Do I Have to Piss into a Cup in the First Place?

The reason you have to do that is because the THC in your system will end up being flushed out that way. It comes directly from the bloodstream, and that’s what they want to see. Normally THC levels are easy to detect from urine, even if it doesn’t really seem that possible. But with a bit of trial and error, they figured out a way to make this process very simple and convenient. That’s why you need to piss in the cup, because urine is the one that flushes out the toxins, and you will have to take that into consideration as much as you can. Just remember, the results can be challenging if you smoked weed, so you have to assess the problem and then go from there.

Used Weed? Here’s How Your Body Processes It

Weed has cannabinoids, and these are fat soluble. They are released from the body fat storage over time. What that means is that people with lots of body fat will have THC in their system the most. That means obese people can have weed in their system for 100 days if they smoke it often. Extreme cases can be 67 days or so, with frequent and occasional users taking around 10 days or 4 days. Basically, weed stays in your system for quite some time, it’s not like you have control over it that much, but you need to find a way to assess the situation as much as possible. Every lifestyle choice will make a difference when it comes to how your body is processing weed. If you are the type of person that works out often and eats healthily, then you will be able to pass the test more often than not. The problem appears when you are overweight and don’t work out that much. It ends up being a problem because it takes quite a lot of time for the body to process everything. As a result, you can’t possibly pass the weed test in a week.

The way you consume weed also matters here as well. In case you smoke weed, the THC levels will drop in a few days. Edibles will be detectable for a longer period of time. The potency matters too. When you use more powerful weed, that will stay in the system for moretime, and that’s the type of issue you want to avoid. You also have to assess how often you use
weed, because THC does build up in the system. Basically, if you’re a frequent user, it will take a little bit of time to get away from the weed effects. It’s not simple to figure out how much will it take weed to get out of your system. But the less weed you consume, the higher the chances you have to eliminate it in a week from your system. Try to avoid edibles, as that tends to be a problem.

How Long is Marijuana Detectable for?

The type of testing they use for marijuana will be quite different and it can have different results. A good example is hair testing. The hair follicle test can detect marijuana even if you used it 90 days ago. Basically, marijuana will be in the blood vessels that reach your hair follicles.  A similar thing happens with blood testing. But believe it or not, in this case the THC levels will be detected without that many issues. If they use blood testing, it will detect THC from the past 3 days. However, chronic users can have THC in their system for a month almost.

In the case of urine testing, the type of user you are will certainly influence how many days marijuana stays in your system. Occasional use will mean 3 days, moderate use up to a week, chronic users 10-15 days and chronic heavy users more than a month. Sometimes it can stay in your urine for up to 70 days or more. This all varies on the metabolism and other factors.


At the end of the day, you have to realize that marijuana can be detectable in your system pretty fast, and its effects will take a while to be detected. So yes, if you’re a frequent user, you may want to dial it down for a few weeks before you need to take a test. The type of test they are using to detect marijuana is also a challenge, but with the right approach and knowledge you can get past any problems. Keep these things in mind and you will be fine when you take your next marijuana test!

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