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Referral program Terms and Conditions

Referral program Terms and Conditions

Referral program is designed in form of a discount vouchers. In order to receive discount voucher, you need to share the referral link with your friends, who needs to make the purchase following your link.

For the Telegram users, referral link can be found when you click on `Refer a friend` button.

For the website (TOR) users, referral link can be found in `My Account` section.

You will always see two referral links, one for website (TOR), second for the Telegram.

Please note that if you are sharing the referral link for the Telegram, your friend has to download and install Telegram app first and then follow the link, in order for you to receive discount voucher.

You will be able to get 1 discount voucher per 1 referral only.

If you are using Telegram, you will see all unused discount voucher in `My Coupons` section. In addition, you will receive a notification in following format:
Hey there!
You referred someone!
Here is your coupon code reward: raf-b3bc24ac43 (15% off).

If you are using TOR website, all unused discount codes will be indicated in `My Account` section.

Referral discount vouchers can’t be used in conjunction with other promos and you can’t apply more than 1 referral discount code per one order. The referral discount code can be used only by you and can’t be shared with anyone else as you can use it only in the Telegram or website account, from which you shared the referral link

Current referral program settings:

For each referral who makes the first purchase you will receive 15% discount voucher. No minimum purchase limit for referral or for you to use received discount voucher.


Do you confirm that you are 18+ years old and not a USA citizen?

Always enjoy responsibly.