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What’s a Pre-Roll contains

October 11, 2019

It’s a joint at a reasonable price, discreet, disposable, and can be easily shared with friends. It generally consists of cannabis which is wrapped by a paper that seems like a tube or rocket. It is a bit expensive though and easily disposable and can be enjoyed alone or in a group.


What are Prerolls?

Prerolls are premade joints. Cannabis producers and retailers now offering branded prerolls to increase the no. of users.

Why use Prerolls?

  • These are easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Can be disposed of easily
  • Can be taken alone or in group
  • Some Pre-rolls are with reusable containers and convenient to use
  • Fun smoking in joint

How Efficient is Smoking a Joint?

The taste and effect of Pre-roll vary with the use of flower, waxed cones and kief; Also varieties of flavors are added to make it taste different. When smoking in a group you should not lick your lips as it is not liked by many people as well as embarrassing. So, always try to avoid such situations when smoke in a group. Please be polite and a minimum of wipe the mouthpiece before handing it off. When smoking in a group try not to share a single rather bring your own Pre-rolled. Its good to share if you have a packet full of pre-rolled strains. This goes an equivalent for hotels, parks or the other place. Always try to maintain the dignity and decorum of any place where you are smoking in a group.

Pre-rolled joints are a good choice for bargain shoppers

As it is low in cost, one can buy it easily with some pennies. Good choice to smoke in a group with a low budget. Pre-rolled joints take low time to use and easy handling, portable set for the beginners. Beginners love its instant effect and smooth processing. These save time. It can be available at any registered shop or in the black market at a low price. Easy availability makes it the best choice among the customers.

What Are Prerolls Made of?

Preroll made up of kief, wax, and top-shelf bud, shake and dry plants, stems, leaves, marijuana, and spliffs, cannabis and tobacco, etc. Which are very effective for smokers who smoke the first time and also for the experienced ones who want a different try.


Making a Preroll is now easy

Requirements to make a Pre-roll: The following things are necessary for making a Pre-roll

  • A Rolling paper for wrapping
  • A Filter to extract the strain
  • A Sheat of paper
  • A Pen or pencil to help in rolling
  • A Grinder to make a fine paste
  • ½ to 1 gram of cannabis
  • Chopstick (optional)

Step – 1

Initially, you have to do for making your own joint is:

Breaking up your cannabis flower with a grinder and make it a fine paste. As the grounded cannabis will burns slowly and evenly and make it a staple in joint. It can help to give more smoke.

Step – 2

Then you have to fold it to a filter. Filters help to make the cannabis out of your mouth and into the joint. It will protect your lips, and help the joint from burning. You need to fold carefully. It’s better not to fold the filter tightly which may block the track. Otherwise, smokes cannot pass through.

Step – 3

Once the cannabis is ground and the filter is ready for use, you should make the joint ready. Take the help of a pen or pencil and wrap the rolling paper around it and seal it. You can use a chopstick to roll the paper, your joint will look cone-like.

Step – 4

Now fill the joint with Cannabis. Take the single sheet of paper and fold it in the half and then pour the ground cannabis into it.

Step – 5

The final step is a twist and pastes the roll to make it useful.

What are the different types of pre-roll joints?

Mainly of two types Regular and Infused. There are various pre-rolled joints. Viz:

Classic Doobie:

It is a joint rapped .5 gm, to .75 gm, to 1 gm to 1.5 gm flower with a paper that can be bleached or unbleached. The paper can be made from a variety of natural materials like hemp, rice, etc. Form a rocket-like structure.

The king-sized Doobie

Made up of from a King-sized paper. It can wrap 1-1.75 grams of flowers. Mostly royal people use it with a broader opening to release more smoke with balanced temperatures.

The dipped Doobie or also called as “The snake in the grass”

Use a Classic or King-sized doobie and dipped into cannabis oil and pull it out to spark it up. It can also be rolled out with a thin thread of oil, or by using a syringe.

The dipped and Rolled Doobie

A Dipped doobie rolled with a kief or Hash or THCA or CBDA powder.

Caviar Joints:

Premium flower, caviar or moonrocks are rolled inside the filter. It contains BHO/distillate that is then rolled in kief or hash.

Cannagars and Thai Sticks:

These are Cannagar cigar originated from Thailand in the late 1960s. It contains 4-8 grams of premium flower, leaves from cannabis plants to wrap and roll flower. Liked by most of the people.

Hemp Blunts:

Blunts rolled with pressed hemp leaves instead of tobacco leaves. These are better to use because many times it contains CBDA count of 3-10 mg within the actual hemp. It will modify the entourage effect and give you a better experience during your smoke.

Cannabis Cigarettes:

Cigarettes like paper funnels normally filled with cannabis flowers. Very similar to actual cigarettes in terms of looks, however, it is being prepared with cannabis. The pack is usually filled with 5-12.

Kief Joints:

A pre-rolled cone filled with kief extract.

Gold Leaf Wrapped Joints:

A gold leaf pressed paper or pre-rolled cone may be filled with cannabis, kief or strain.

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