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What Is Silver Haze Cannabis Strain

October 11, 2019

About Silver Haze

Silver Haze is a 50/50 hybrid strain with reported THC levels of up to 14 percent. The strain is named for the frosty trichome covered buds it produces that can give the buds a silver hue.

It’s very important to understand the role of a cannabis strain, and there are quite a lot of them out there. What Is Silver Haze Cannabis Strain? Is one of the most popular cannabis strains that you can find on the market, and they really bring in front a sense of value, quality and outstanding professionalism. This is a rather classic Sativa strain.

However, Silver Haze is basically a retooled a super silver haze that was a combination of haze, northern lights and skunk. They called it Silver Haze after they left Greenhouse Seed Company. This is actually a very important type of strain and it’s known for its value, quality, efficiency and outstanding attention to detail. It’s sold in the form of non-feminized as well as feminized seeds, and that’s definitely the type of thing you really need to take into consideration in a situation like this. What makes the Silver Haze unique is the fact that it did win the bronze medal for the best Sativa in 2005. But the most important aspect of Silver Haze is definitely the fact that it has THC levels that average at around 20 to 24%. That’s why most people see it as a very potent sativa strain. Those people that used Silver Haze until now find it easy to have energizing, uplifting, cerebral effects. When it comes to taste, users said it has an earthy taste, a pineapple taste but it can also taste like a skunk, which is something that you have to take into account in a situation like this.

Typical Effects

  • Euphoric effects within moments of use, it elevates moods and causes users to feel rather happy.
  • Creative types will find their medium calling to them, fueling a need to create.
  • Many will also feel a rise in energy that makes them want to get outside and do something.

Users have reported cotton mouth and dry eyes. Occasionally users may also experience dizziness, paranoia and headaches.

Aroma and Taste

Silver Haze has been noted to have a piney taste.

Common Usage

A great morning and day time strain, Silver Haze is often used for its cerebral effects that can reduce stress and anxiety. Those suffering from minor to mild chronic aches and pains may find this strain useful. Patients dealing with depression are also often recommended this strain. Some choose to use it to calm nausea and induce an appetite.


Silver Haze was bred by Sensi Seeds in an attempt to produce a Haze that could be grown well indoors. To overcome the height, yield and flowering issues of Haze they crossed it with a pure landrace Afghani Indica. The end result is a 75 percent Sativa hybrid that flowers for 65 to 70 days and is capable of an average size harvest.

Originally, Silver Haze was a hybrid that you could grow outdoors, and that’s due to the great height gain and minimal yield. That being said, it can be stabilized for indoor growing if you cross it with the Afghani Indica Norther Lights. This helps stabilize the Silver Haze growth pattern and you can control the yield, not to mention use this indoor if needed.

You have to keep in mind that you can expect height gain, even if it’s manageable and that’s something that you need to take into consideration. Towards the end of the flowering process, the Silver Haze buds are growing dense as well. They can have flowing orange hairs, silver trichomes. It’s rather simple to see how the Silver Haze grows and it’s also great to have all the control you want over it.

Why do you need to try out Silver Haze?

Most people that use Silver Haze tend to rely on it for day time and morning use. It can be great if you want to deal with depression, anxiety, nausea and pain. It’s also very good if you have minor towards mild chronic aches and pain in general. It’s particularly useful for people that have depression and you need to use this to calm nausea and also bring in a sense of appetite into your day to day life. The Silver Haze can flower for 65-70 days and it will have a rather average size harvest. Should you use Silver Haze however? This is a great strain and it can bring in front some amazing benefits and results. It’s easy to manage, and it brings in front some rewarding results and high quality experiences for the users. As we mentioned earlier, it can be great if you’re dealing with anxiety, nausea, pain or even appetite loss. However, it can have lots of THC, so you need to control your dosage adequately in order to enjoy its benefits without the downsides. Just check it out and you will find it well worth the effort.

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    I received an email on 24 at 9:53 AM that they shipped the order
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    yes, it was shipped on Feb 24. You should receive it shortly.

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