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What Is Shatter Weed?

July 17, 2020

With the law being softer on marijuana in different places and the war on cannabis ending partially, it is very simple to purchase products like the shatter weed, cannabis concentrates that are very powerful. They appear to be in a glass-like form and translucent and the use is growing increasingly with marijuana users. What is a shatter weed and how are these types of concentrates quite unusual from the raw form of weed?

Marijuana concentrates just like honey oil, wax, shatter and other types each gives off a different but more powerful high than the normal marijuana plant. They are raw cannabis leaves which have been technologically processed to get the required chemicals and concentrates which are cannabinoids such as CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and also terpenes.

For people who use this substance recreationally, the concentrated product is very powerful and potent having high contents of THC. For concentrates like shatter, the THC levels may reach as high as 80%. For other concentrates like CBD oil, they are very high in CBD and low in THC. Most shatter concentrates which have higher CBD when compared to THC are mainly used as medicine.

How Are Shatter Marijuana Concentrates Made?

To make this concentrate, you would require a solvent such as Butane or CO2. To produce CO2 shatter, was or butane Hash oil, companies normally put the marijuana plant in a container then pass a solvent through the plant to remove the cannabinoids you need.

The steps involved in making shatter is very dangerous and you need to know more about how to work with chemicals to achieve it. Due to videos online such as do-it-yourself videos showing users how to make BHO, most people who have attempted it have caused fires, injuries as well as an explosion because they extracted it improperly or the extraction equipment is improper. CO2 extraction is much safer because you make use of the natural solution.

When the extraction is done, what you get is a solid substance which boasts of a much higher THC level than the ordinary cannabis you have been smoking. Appearance may differ, the concentrate may turn out to be a thick oil, a soft buddy or a crystalized and had material called shatter or wax. These looked amber-like and it looks glass-like too.

All these concentrates on it’s purest form are known to be dabs and the process of smoking them can be known as dabbing.

Wax vs Shatter: What’s the Difference?

With a lot of options when it comes to cannabis concentrate, users are confused about the difference between shatter or wax. The only difference lies inconsistency. When it comes to weed shatter or other concentrates, their end product may come out as runny (honey oil), waxy in nature (wax and crumble), just like taffy (you can pull and it would snap back) or glass-like (shatter).

The main consistency lies in the cannabis flower the producers used, some strains may give you lighter concentrates while others can come very strong too. During Processing, the company can also manipulate it but whatever step or process is taken, the end result always comes out with very high levels of cannabinoids which makes it highly strong.

Most parent company even puts weed shatter through a process which purifies and removes the fat, was butane, terpenes and other components that are found in other products. This takes the flavour out when it gets to the final process but you can sure bet that this product would be stronger than other ones with these impurities.

Smoking Shatter

From wax to crumble, pull and snap and shatter, hitting this dabs requires users to use a dab pen or a water pipe which has been designed to fit this purpose.

Because dab equipment like the pen is cheap, small or discrete, they are are very easy to use and acquire for users who want to try out dabbing. One disadvantage when it comes to a vape pen is that they don’t have enough power and the batteries hold less charge. Due to this fact, the concentrates don’t get hot enough to be consumed totally. This can affect your hit and you wouldn’t feel the flavour when you take it in.

The most common way users can smoke wax, shatter and most concentrate oil is through dabbing and you need a dab rig. This is a device which has a metal nail or glass banger added to a water pipe.

To smoke shatter, you need intense and high amounts of heat to heat up and vaporize the concentrate. Most desperate individuals use a home touch to heat up where you place the dab. They are called electric nails and they prevent open flame thus reducing the risks of burning down the house.

People who dab for the first time tend to take rips and hold it in just like how you take a joint or bong but with dabs, this is irrelevant or unnecessary and it may irritate your lungs. What you just have to do is to exhale before you dab then inhale the smoke a little before you blow it out immediately. Lighter inhalations are best for users who cough when smoking.

Shatter Effects

Due to the fact that when you smoke shatter, you don’t breath in plant fat is burning, the high you get from this concentrate is known to be very clean when compared to the smoking method of consumption. This clean and consistent process gas made most pot users switch to the lab-made concentrates. For marijuana users who want a high amount of THC, weed shatter is one of the best ways to get high and you would get the pure form of cannabinoids. Generally, a normal cannabis plant or leave may have THC levels of up to 30%, shatter can boast of extremely high levels of THC which is above 80%.

Shatter is known to give users a very powerful high at a short amount of time. Just one hit can give you the high which comes with the entire joint. It can make you feel heavy, intoxicated, dry mouth, relaxed and as well hungry.


When dealing with weed shatter for the first time, users should undergo this process carefully since concentrates contain very high levels of THC to CBD. Although THC, as we know, is not fatal to the human body and overdose has not killed anyone in history, overconsumption of THC will give you a high which you wouldn’t be pleased with. If one over-consumes THC, it may lead to nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, disoriented or anxious feeling, shortness of breath and finally paranoia. Users with a history of mental illness such as anxiety disorder and schizophrenia often experience the negative parts of its side effect when they take high contents of THC.

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