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What is Reggie Weed?

September 16, 2020

Also known as one of the worst kinds of weed, this type of cannabis strain will probably make you not enjoy your recreational drug, but how did it get this bad? This fact is one thing everyone who has come across this weed can agree with. Reggie is a low-quality C strain but some users might consider it to be a mid-grade strain or even a B+. It is mostly Sativa grade origin. It has low THC levels of around 15% to 18% and it is deemed as a beginner’s grade due to its little to mild effects.

No, let’s take a look at all the characteristics that make up the Reggie weed, what it looks like, smells like, how it feels, and how the effects are.

How Well Does Reggie Weed Grow?

Growing Reggie weed is kinda like growing the hardest type of weed due to the fact that it is cultivated outside. Most users cultivate this strain with little or no affection, therefore effort and time are not spent to make the strain a better one. This is not bad but it would affect the quality of the weed plant.

Growing marijuana is preferable inside due to the fact you can control the temperature, sunlight, and also moisture levels. Most farmers plant this weed and leave it alone until the weed has grown a little and has produced a reasonable amount of leaves which is not very much.

One other thing that makes this weed less desirable by farmers is that when the female variety is pollinated, it grows more seeds than leaves. It spends it’s growing cycle focused more on the seeds and not the leaves and this is not good for the weed strain.

What Does Reggie Weed Look Like?

The appearance of weed really matters and before you take a smell at your marijuana product, you can often judge a Reggie weed by just looking at it. Most high-quality cannabis plants have light or bright colors. Most Reggie weed looks very aged in color, giving off shades like dark brown or a bit yellow and you should seriously avoid it if you love your high.

One other factor when it comes to appearance is to look out for the trichomes. Most high-quality blunts are rich in trichomes but ordinary Reggie weed looks very barren with the least amount of visible trichomes. You should remember that trichomes are qualities that make your bud worth using.

What Does Reggie Weed Smell Like?

Another way one can be able to recognize and differentiate a good bud from an old stale low-quality bud is in the scent. Although you can’t really have a single approved smell due to the variation of strains, there are some scents that you need to be really mindful of. If your bud smells like it has been locked up in a dry damp basement, then you should avoid it. If you notice it has a chemical-like aroma, or it smells strange like some pesticides, also do avoid this type of cannabis. Good cannabis is supposed to give off a pleasant natural smell.

What Texture Does Reggie Weed Have?

The qualities of a good weed involve having a bud with a sticky texture but Reggie is not that way. This type of cannabis plant is usually dusty and when you touch it, it feels like a piece of carpet grass. The leaves would often shed from the bud and the result left behind is a dry looking bundle of cannabis bud. Good products often have a totally different feel.

Products like the candy kush is a perfect example of this and they hold moisture more than any other type of cannabis. When compared to the dusty old Reggie, it is a bit lighter and it has a much better feel when you hold them in your palms.

What Does Reggie Weed Taste Like?

Sometimes, you might not even know the quality of the marijuana you have until you smoke the strain and get the taste of the smoke. If you really want to differentiate if a weed is Reggie or high-quality kush, pay attention to the taste. Does it have traces of pleasant scent that is well flavored or it has an old skunky taste which is a common and noticeably low grade? Most of this taste is attributed to mold, chemicals and some might even have any taste at all. If you notice this on your cannabis bud, it is a better option to throw this product away and go for one which has a better and nicer taste.

What Effects Will You Experience?

Due to low THC levels, Reggie weed gives you a mild high which comes suddenly but it doesn’t give you a strong psychoactive reaction. If you are a stoner, you might not get high at all. This type of weed can also increase the chances of coughing when smoked because it is very dry and it gives off-dry smoke which is unpleasant to the mouth. Other types of weed have high levels of THC contents and they are engineered to knock you out. Strains like OG kush have about 34% THC levels and this has been the highest any strain has ever gotten.

You would think that although Reggie weed doesn’t give off high psychoactive effects, it would be much useful for medicinal purposes. But that’s not the case as it has low levels of CBD which can’t be developed very well to be used as a cure or treatment for most diseases. I don’t mean it can’t be used, I am just saying that there are much better high-quality strains which can be used in place.

When Is Reggie Weed a Good Idea?

If you are a stoner, you might not be constantly smoking the Reggie weed but it is more of a starter for new users in the cannabis game. You can use this strain in place of those high powered strains which give off intimidating effects. From there, you can go further to try other high-quality kush.

This type of weed is also the most sought after. It is for users who really want to get their hands on some cannabis products very quickly. It is also very affordable when compared to other strains and it’s not bad though to start your smoking journey with this.

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