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What is kief and how can you use it?

September 23, 2020

If you plant or grow your own marijuana, when it is time for harvesting, you would notice trichomes that come on the buds as well as the leaves. These trichomes appear a little cloudy, looking like smaller sizes of mushrooms. These components contain high levels of THC, Terpenes, and other cannabinoids which are found in the overall plant.

When they become dry, they can then form a component which is called Kief. Kief is greatly desired due to its high concentration and heightened potency. Normally, kiefs are known to have about 50% THC but numerous reports suggest they can also reach as much as 70%-75% and this happens rarely. While concentrates top Kief in terms of potency, both components are obtained from the cannabis plant and kief requires a little amount to get the kind of high you want.

In this paragraph, we would give ideas on what you can use kief for but for now, let’s look at how you can create or extract kief from the cannabis plant.

How to separate kief from the cannabis plant

When extracting kief we recommend that you go with the three-chamber grinder due to the fact it is much easier to process than the two-chamber grinder and the three-chamber finely grinds your cannabis plant more. This type of grinder also makes it possible that the kief goes through to a compartment where it is collected and stored unlike sticking to the inside of the grinder with the two-chamber type.

Some users also prefer going with coins and a stiffer box. All you have to do is to clean the complements first and put a reasonable amount that can be extracted into the Stifler box. Shake all components together with the marijuana for about 60 seconds and when that is done, open the box to check the amount of Kief that has been extracted. If you want more, you can keep shaking.

Collecting high-quality Kief involves using 3 or 4 layers of mesh screen set on top of each other and the best quality mesh should be placed below. With these steps, you can get premium Kief without having plant particles in your end result.

Once your kief is extracted, you can store it in a corked container and if you don’t use it often, shake and mix all the kief materials so that they won’t get stuck together at least every day.

What to do with kief

So we have gone through the process of collecting and extracting our Kief, and now the question is ”what can I do with kief”. There are many uses you can undergo with kief and this enhances the potency and the effect of your high. These are different ways in which you can put that kief to work for you.

To Make Moonrocks

To make moon rocks, all you need is a piece of the marijuana plant which you cover in oil and rolled in Kief. The result is normally an unpopular cannabis piece which is considered as a quick DIY concentrate and it is very high in effects as well as potency. To create moonrocks, heat the oil and casually coat the piece of marijuana you want to use then sprinkle a little kief over the warm result, or you deep it entirely in kief powder.  This would dry and become strong then you can make use of it by breaking it apart and spreading it in your bowl.

You Can Sprinkle kief into a joint or roll a wax joint

When you grind your fresh marijuana, it may appear to be very sticky, making it very easy to roll a joint. Sprinkle your herbs with a little kief and mix well before making a joint. This extra component gets infused to your cannabis making the high more effective.

For users who want to experience more, they can use honey to rub on the skin of the joint then roll it in kief to get a kief coated joint also known as “twaxed joint”.

Kief helps add potency to cannabutter

Kief us one of the cannabis components you can use to increase the potency of your cannabutter without undergoing or following a different step when making it. Anyhow you use make activate or decarboxylate tour marijuana, just remember to add your Kief together with your plant in a crockpot or an oven to achieve an effective paste.

To Sprinkle it onto your packed bowl of cannabis

For users who know this, it is called crowning a bowl. It is the most common use of kief and this step can increase the overall potency of the herbs in your bowls. You can corner your hits if you want to get the best effect out of a crowned bowl. This means that you burn a quadrant of the bowl at the same time you can take in multiple and potent hits.

Make your own vape juice with It

This is a very difficult step to undergo hence not everyone would consider undergoing this step. To turn kief into an e-juice concentrate for vaping, we advise you to use a 1:1 mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol putting it in a double boiler and also adding your Kief component. Make sure that the heat has melted the mixture into a fine liquid.

If you want to add flavor, now is the time. Pour your mixture into a coffee filter. Place a container beneath to filter out the remaining plant matter. Wait until the mixture has cooled, fill up your syringe, and use it to add the liquid into your vaporizer.

To Press rosin

Recently, people have been interested in Rosin due to its solventless extraction and it’s the preservation of cannabinoids too. Making rosin can be done using marijuana flowers but most times, pressing kief can give you high-end results. To make rosin at home, make use of a hair straightener and vice while professionally you can use a high-pressure press.

You can Make hash from kief

Kief can be used to make hash and in fact, one of the basic steps of making it is extracting the kief itself. A hash is when you refine kief by heating and adding pressure to form it. Pressure and heat on ruptures the resin glands hence changing its composition. Once that step is taken, the effects as well as the taste can come off as totally different. This step also darkens the hash and the more heat and pressure are applied the more the hash is being darkened.

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