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What Is ‘Dank’ Marijuana?

January 11, 2021

If you want to get stoned from the best quality and premium grade weed – you want to learn what exactly Dank marijuana is. Unlike its name, Dank marijuana is very far from being of poor quality. Generally, the weed is exposed to a set of the best parameters – allowing it to offer the best high.

But, before we continue to rumble on about the qualities of Dank weed, it is first worth knowing what exactly it is. So, in this brief outline, we break down everything there is to know about Dank, marijuana – but first, let’s define what Dank marijuana is.

What Is ‘Dank’ Marijuana?

Dank marijuana basically represents good quality weed, grown in top quality soil, and has received the best care. Dank weed is normally cured to effectively retain humidity and stickiness. This allows it to give off a noticeably fresh aroma whilst allowing you to easily squeeze and pack it when rolling it into a joint.

After all, there’s another definition of dank that closely matches the qualities of dank weed. In this context, the dank weed is known to have heavy buds that don’t crumble when broken apart and don’t tear as easily. This, in turn, also allows it to burn well and last longer – permeating just the right flavors, notes, and of course, the right high!

Is Dank A Good Thing?

Yes, dank is most certainly a good thing.  Think of this – as a general rule of thumb, first grade weed is expected to be stickier, greener, and smellier than low grade weed. With this consistency and look, the weed often will smell putrid and even look as if it was soaked in liquid.  Whilst the choice of name may not be ideal, dankness in this case still refers to the good quality of the weed.

As mentioned above, the dankness of the weed normally translates to heavier and easy-to-pack consistency as it can retain more humidity and stickiness. Thanks to this dankness, the weed offers better quality, both physically and when you smoke it. It smells better and most certainly, offers a better high.

How to Spot Dank Marijuana

To the untrained eye or a  beginner smoker, spotting dank marijuana – or any kind of marijuana can seem like an impossible task. However, once you get a hang of it, it becomes quite an easy task. This is exactly what we are going to share below.

Know the Lingo

Before anything – even identifying the weed you want, it is a good idea to learn the terminology first. Yes, you read right – it is important to learn the lingo! If you are in an area where weed is legalized, it is still a good idea to know the lingo as it makes it easier to choose what you want.

However, you needn’t worry too much as you are less likely to get ripped off – you will be able to get your steady supply from a licensed dispensary – as they don’t want to tarnish their name by selling unauthentic supply.

In areas where weed is still illegal, you need to be more vigilant to ensure you don’t get tricked. So, whilst knowing how to identify the physical differences is important – knowing the terminology is a good place to start.

Visual Inspection

The practical way to start our observation is by looking at visual cues first.  The number one thing to look out for is seeds and stems – if you notice a significant number of seeds and stems – never go for the weed! You will most certainly be buying low grade kind. Low grade weed is not only rough to the throat and eyes. It also holds a significantly low THC content – no more than 5%. 

Dank weed on the other end should be greener and stickier with very little stems (only the necessary ones to hold it) and no seeds. Typically, dank weed has a THC content of between 15% and 20% – allowing you to enjoy the best kind of high without being rough on your throat. Another way to visually observe your weed is by looking at the trichome number. This also gives you a pretty good idea of the potency of your weed.

When you look at your weed and notice multiple crystals whether through the naked eye or jeweler’s loupe, that is a pretty good indicator that the wed is of good quality. Furthermore, premium-grade weed such as Dank is generally greener. But, this is not the only color you will observe.

You will also see some shades of orange or brown around the reproductive part – also known as pistils. In fact, this is a very good sign that the weed has been properly cared for.  The greenish finish with orange or brown details gives it a more natural and healthier look, unlike the faded and dry looking low grade weed.

On the other end, stay away from the weed you notice any whiteness in – this is normally a pretty good indicator that it has been infested with bugs or spider mites. Bug or spider mite-infested may not necessarily represent the quality but, rather than the weed has not been properly cared for when growing.

Furthermore, low grade weed is somewhat greenish-brown and may contain pesticides, chemicals, or mold – this takes us to the nest point. As previously mentioned, good quality weed is green, sticky, and wet. So, as a general rule of practice stay away from any weed that shows the opposite traits – dry, brittle, faded green, or brown.

Smell, Taste, And Feel

These factors are also important. First, dank weed should not be too dry and not too wet – it has to maintain stickiness so it doesn’t burn easily. Furthermore, dank weed should have a fresh aroma that you can smell even from the bag. Never go for foul or musty smelling weed, chances are that it is bug infected or moldy.  The final test should be to smoke it. First, dank weed should not irritate the throat. Additionally, if you don’t get high – chances are that the weed is of poor quality or you have a super high tolerance.

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