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What is Cannabis Wax?

April 15, 2020

Thanks to the loosening of weed restrictions across the globe, the processing of weed using solvents processes is growing in popularity. Cannabis wax is among the most popular weed concentrates for recreational and medicinal use. However, what is marijuana wax? How is marijuana wax made? How is marijuana wax used? Here are some basic concepts about weed wax that you should know.

What is Marijuana Wax?

Marijuana wax is a type of Hash oil concentrate prepared by extracting cannabis oil using a suitable solvent. Cannabis wax has a characteristic soft viscous texture or may have a firmer texture that crumbles easily. Weed wax resembles honey or butter and which explain its street names honey oil or budder. The wax appears like a sticky syrup that is strong enough to retain its form on flat surfaces at room temperature. Other names include wax, butane hash oil, weed wax, ear wax, butane honey oil (BHO), dabs, shatter, errl, black glass, and 710 (the flipped, backward spelling for OIL). The extract is highly potent and boasts a concentration of up to 80 percent cannabis oils. As you would expect, it gives an intense high.  While users admire the potency, cannabis oil is quite expensive – up to $50 per gram.

How is Cannabis Wax Made?

Cannabis wax preparation is possible using the solvent extraction process. The procedure is highly dangerous due to the risk of fires and is illegal in some states. If you are a DIY fan, you can proceed with a lot of caution. However, do not attempt the preparation if you do not know what you are doing. There are two methods or preparing cannabis wax.

1. Butane Extraction or Butane Hash Oil (BHO) Extraction

Butane extraction is the most common method which entails amassing large quantities of weed buds in a pipe or tube and running butane through the pipe. It involves forcing butane through the tube packed with cannabis buds. Butane serves as a solvent in which the essential oils (cannabinoids, trichomes, flavonoids and terpenes) dissolve and separate from the plant materials. The solution of hash oils in butane is called butane hash oil abbreviated as BHO. However, you do not want to consume butane because it is toxic. The next step is to allow the butane to evaporate from the solution to leave behind the desirable part – the oils – which you dry to make marijuana wax. Remember, butane is highly flammable and will explode with the slightest spark.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol Extraction

Some call the method QWISO (Quick Wash of Isopropyl Alcohol). This method requires the use of pure alcohol. As a warning, Isopropyl alcohol is not for consumption, and you should never consume it as liquor or put in your mouth. Although not as flammable as butane, 100% Isopropyl is flammable, and you should never expose it to an open flame.

Break the buds a bit and place the buds in a container that is safe for use with an oven. Dry the buds at 200 Fahrenheit for about twenty minutes. Once sufficiently dry, put the buds in a container of alcohol for a few hours. Ensure the alcohol covers the buds, gently swish the buds, and cover the container to avert alcohol evaporation. After time elapses, sieve the mixture using a mesh to separate the buds and collect the alcohol. Squeeze the soaked buds in micron sieve to get out as much alcohol as possible. Now, let the alcohol evaporate using any of the three methods below.

  • Cover the bowl with a coffee filter and allow time for the alcohol to evaporate
  • Place the container in a warm water bath to make the process fast
  • If you want a fast process, you can heat the water bath on low heat until it starts to evaporate. Do not boil the alcohol directly.

Once all the alcohol evaporates, collect the residue wax from the container and store it nicely – that is your weed wax.

How to Use Cannabis Wax

There are several ways you can use wax:


Dabbing is the most popular method of consuming weed wax. It entails heating the wax and then inhaling the vapor. Dabbing requires the use of a rig (a particular type of pipe or bong), a dabber to apply the dab, and a nail that fits the gauge of your pipe or bong. Other accessories include a dome to trap the vapor before you inhale and a blow torch. Use the torch to heat the nail directly and then place the dome over the nail. Let it cool for around 40 seconds then apply the dab (dab refers to extracts of waxes) on the nail inside the dome. Now you can inhale slowly.

Oral Ingestion

With oral consumption, you infuse the weed in different foods and drinks before consuming.

Smoking it with the buds

This method involves sprinkling dry weed wax (like crumble wax) when rolling your regular blunt, bong, or joint to get an extra dose of marijuana.


Vaping entails heating the dab in a vaporizer or e-cigarette, which produces vapors that you inhale to get high. The advantage of vaping is it is odorless, smokeless, and easy to hide. Most vaporizers are portable and easy to conceal.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Wax?

The significant advantage of marijuana wax is its enhanced potency. A small dose of Weed wax contains very high amounts of THC that gives you an intense and prolonged high. Thanks to this potency, the wax is popular for medical as well as for recreational use.

The use of weed wax reduces health risks. Smoking buds can cause lung damage. Marijuana wax is a safer option because it does not cause lung damage.

Marijuana wax boasts immediate and powerful effects – you get desirable results within no time. The quick effect action of wax makes it suitable for medical purposes like relieving aches and pains.

The effects of wax last for extended periods. You get an intense and prolonged high. A small amount will relieve aches and pains for an elongated period.

Weed wax has a better taste. Compared to smoking or vaping weed, dabbing wax has a better flavor liked by many users.

With all the benefits of wax, remember that its potency can cause adverse effects such as hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and even unconsciousness. Like in the article, preparation of weed wax at home is potentially dangerous due to flammable solvents, and inhaling excess butane can cause death. Be cautious with the preparation or buy wax from commercial producers. With the high potency, remember to take a little wax to avoid overdosing.

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