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What is Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain?

October 11, 2019

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It composed of a cross of staple strain Haze and Cannabis. The flavors are fresh and fruit-like. It’s not like the normal haze. It is good to intake as you can enjoy the flavors. Amnesia Haze is available in the commercial market.

After use effects of Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is highly powerful and shows the immediate effect after use. The beginner users of marijuana could experience it from its green powerful cannabis strain. It can attract you to intake more due to its very soft and very tasty flavor.

The experienced ones can be thrilled with its effects as well created due to the presence of Sativa. It has high effects on psychedelic tensions and stress. It really works for neurological impacts.

Grow your own Amnesia Haze

Growing Sativa is not easy though. You have to face some difficulties to grow your own. The region where you can grow should have a good temperature to keep it warm during the fall. Large pots are required to grow outdoor. When the buds come out it needs to be supported and well ventilation is also required. Amnesia Haze can be affected due to infection and pest attacks easily. The flowering needs 10-11 weeks of time and yields high. The climate temperature between 70-85 F is preferable. If you can maintain it properly maintaining all the temperature and lighting effect you can grow it as indoor as well as outdoor plant. You need to use some pest controls and immune boosters to help the undisturbed plant growth.

Grow Outdoors: The Sativa dominant lineage requires warm and long days. In the equator region, Amnesia Haze will grow better as it will get better sunlight and as these are genetically responding to the potential in the tropical Sativa, these are prone to grow better in this region. In the areas like: Southern Spain and northern Australia, California or northern Africa will get outstanding results, in Amnesia.

As it’s not seasonal you can cultivate it throughout the year. The plants will bloom in between twelve and fourteen weeks. Good quality, organic soil is required. Use organic supplements if necessary. Water it regularly and don’t forget to check plants to avoid pest attacks. Sometimes use pest control. The requisite height to grow outdoor is 175-250 cm and 600g/m².

Grow Indoor: An experienced grower/gardener can do it as he knows the complexities come between the growth of Sativa dominant plants. So they can have no trouble growing Amnesia Haze. Though it is challenging but is not impossible. The results will give you the rewards in the form of smelling flowers and buds which is satisfactory though. It will take 12 weeks to become matured enough to give flowers. The requisite height to grow indoor is 80-140 cm and 600g/m². Set 600 watt light to maintain the temperature and light for growing indoor. It takes longer to give fruit.

The lineage of Amnesia Haze

The varieties of Amnesia Haze include mainly Sativa like Thai, Afghani Indica, Hawaiian Sativa, Jamaican Sativa, South Asian Indica, Cambodian Sativa and Haze Sativa. The Amnesia Haze of marijuana strain was created in the Netherlands by Soma Seeds. The strain is referred to as an ultra-hybrid Sativa strain. The strain Amnesia Haze was created from some popular strains. The parent plants of Amnesia Haze include Jamaican Sativa, Hawaiian Sativa, Thai Sativa, Afghani Indica, South Asian Indica, Cambodian Sativa, Haze Sativa. This strain has flavors from the ground and with light hints of sweet citrus. The color is grey and green. The brassy pistils are colored orange with impressive beauty.

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    I ordered the concentrate of this Monday, it got dispatched Tuesday, had my first joint of it and wow thank you for following through with my order it is so strong i love it and i got a free sample, very happy 🙂

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