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What Is A Cannabis ‘Tarantula Joint’?

January 3, 2021

The best thing about smoking weed is that you can explore a wide range of weed variants and smoking styles. With every route you chose, you will enjoy a different euphoric experience. One of the best-recommended weed-smoking variants is the cannabis tarantula joint.

Forgetting the more modern smoking pipes or conventional rolling paper, a tarantula joint takes you back to the good ol’ days of smoking a classic joint. Yet, its combination of different weed elements is what gives you the best euphoric experience.

In this brief guide, we will share with you exactly what a cannabis tarantula joint is and where to get it – so you can take your weed smoking to a whole new level!

What Is A Cannabis ‘Tarantula Joint’?

Generally, a cannabis tarantula joint is defined as a mix of weed, concentrate, and bud oil rolled up in a rolling paper and kief. Your choice of weed is ground up and added with some concentrate – be it oils, resin, or wax. The joint is designed with the utmost versatility – allowing you to choose the bud type you want based on the experience you are looking for.

Thanks to this versatility, the cannabis tarantula joint is considered to be the top grade weed joint. After all, adding the concentrate is what enhances the THC levels in the joint. The levels may range anywhere from 40 to 80% based on the type of weed and concentrate used.  After adding the concentrate to the weed, you will roll it up using the regular rolling paper.

After rolling it in regular paper, you will then roll your joint in CO2 oil. The CO2 oil helps to add that extra edge and zing to the joint whilst also providing a perfect surface for finally rolling the joint in kief. The kief is what makes it a tarantula joint – giving it even more THC for better performance. When finally rolled with the kief – the joint will have a spider-like appearance – hence its name.

Yet, before we jump on to how and where you can get a cannabis tarantula joint – you must be asking yourself what kief is. Well, kief is the tiny cannabis crystals or resinous trichomes that accumulate at the bottom of the container or package. It may sometimes be collected from loose and dry weed that is sieved through a mesh tool.  

On its own, kief is not as potent. This is why it is normally used to roll up a cannabis tarantula joint to add the extra THC and zing. Alternatively, it can be sprinkled on ground marijuana flower then smoked or vaped – so you smoke less whilst achieving the same level of high.

Where Can I Get a Tarantula Joint?

Just the idea of smoking a tarantula joint is quite appealing. So, it comes with no surprise that you would want to get your hands on it.  The cannabis tarantula joint is available in two forms. For those who don’t want to spend their time rolling, or simply haven’t perfected the skill Yet, they can get their hands on the joint by simply buying one.

It may be difficult to get your hands on this type of ready-rolled joint based on your location – it’s much tougher if weed is illegal in your area. Nevertheless, proper research can easily find you a reliable source to get your supply from. Alternatively, you can find these ready-rolled joints from a licensed dispensary. You shouldn’t expect to break-and-arm leg for a tarantula joint as if you were buying legit hash.

But, at the same time, the joint is not as cheap as the widely available low-quality joints. If you have the skill to roll a tarantula joint, you will get to save even more. All you need to purchase is the key components and choose the type of weed and concentrate you want. Make sure you are skilled enough. You don’t want the joint falling apart or being unable to properly permeate the smoke.

How Will a Tarantula Joint Make Me Feel?

Due to the ingredients, a cannabis tarantula joint is normally packed with significant THC levels. Some users may even choose to use more potent ingredients – which also raise the THC levels. Thus, smoking this joint will give you a pretty good and long-lasting high. If you use powerful buds and concentrates, you may raise THC levels to between 60 and 80% – leaving you extremely stoned but still, euphoric.

So, you want to smoke a tarantula joint when you are not on the go. It gives you a resting high – so, it’s perfect for a calm rainy day or during days when you just want to stay indoors and rest. Whilst giving you a euphoric feeling, smoking a tarantula joint is also quite therapeutic thanks to the high THC and CBD levels.

Thus, if you are stressed or experiencing pain and tension, the high can deliver incredible pain relief. The best part about the weed is that it is not segmenting – it tackles any type of pain – muscle, nerve, tension, you name it. Furthermore, the CBD levels in the joints help to deliver excellent anti-inflammatory and soreness soothing qualities.

Nevertheless, A tarantula joint may pose some side effects, its potency and THC levels are too high. So, it is a good idea to stay away from tarantula joints that boast THC levels of more than 75%, if you are new to the game. This is because the high can get you quite lethargic and overly stoned.

Some of the common side effects that come with super potent weed tarantula joints include red eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, extreme sedation, tiredness and fatigue, lack of coordination, anxiety, and temporary cognitive impairment.

Thus, an individual with existing mental health problems including anxiety and schizophrenia should be extra careful if they want to smoke a tarantula joint as this may enhance the effects of the problem. Instead, they should opt for a less potent joint. Furthermore, to keep safe, you should always stay hydrated when smoking a joint.


As mentioned before, the best thing about weed is that it gives you a variety of experiences to choose from – based on the type of weed you choose and even how you smoke it. The tarantula joint is just one of these excellent examples – it comes with a purpose.

Sure, you can smoke your weed using a bong and still have enough strength and focus to perform chores such as cooking or organizing your wardrobe. This is not the point of the cannabis tarantula joint. The tarantula joint is for those looking for the ultimate euphoric experience – it is soothing, relaxing, and most importantly euphoric. It is what you go for on a lazy rainy day or on a day when you want to relax and enjoy a solid nap. Plus, what makes it unique is that you can control and gauge its level of potency – allowing you to curate exactly what euphoric experience you want.

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