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What Are Cannabis Tampons?

Last updated: October 19, 2020

Do you struggle with unbearable menstrual pain and cramps during that time of the month? Then, what you may need to use are cannabis tampons. Using these tampons, your monthly menstrual cycle will never interrupt your daily activities.

Cannabis tampons deliver therapeutic marijuana effects to your vagina; leaving you comfortable throughout the day. However, before we push you into the bandwagon, it’s worth noting what exactly cannabis tampons are and how they work. Let’s check it out.

What Are Cannabis Tampons?

Cannabis tampons are special sanitary pads infused with marijuana to give you therapeutic effects to reducing menstrual pain and cramps. Generally, these tampons are formulated with weed which is then absorbed into your body through the vagina. Theoretically, this absorption is what promotes pain and cramp relief.

To make them more practical, these menstrual suppositories are normally formulated with oils and butter such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, or hemp oil. These oils are added to aid in smoother absorption of the marijuana effects into your body.  Containing cannabinoids, the weed is absorbed into the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS); primarily prevalent in the reproductive system. 

Once here, you then experience the pain relief around your uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. In addition to reducing pain and cramps, cannabis tampons significantly aid in reducing inflammatory responses and contractions in the uterus. Some users have even reported improved sexual experiences due to the use of cannabis tampons. This is because for some these tampons help to relax the pelvic floor muscles, thus, reducing the pain felt during penetrative sex.


You must be asking yourself, will I get high from using cannabis tampons? The answer is no. Typically, marijuana contains elements known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).  The element, THC, is the psychoactive compound responsible for the high sensations you have when you smoke weed or ingest edibles.

In cannabis tampons, you will find very little to no amounts of THC – which again don’t bring about any high sensations to your body. CBD on the other end is what is found in the tampons. Whilst these elements share a similar chemical structure, they boast completely different functions. Unlike THC, CBD boasts therapeutic functions. This element is responsible for aiding in reducing anxiety, depression, and seizures. In addition to this, CBD is what aids in pain relief.

How Quickly Will These Hemp Tampons Work?

Different users report different responses. According to experts, your response to CBD tampons depends on your ECS. Therefore, some users will report that they begin to feel the effects within 8 minutes whilst other report effects in 20 minutes.

One thing you should know is that cannabis tampons are still relatively new in the market. In fact, you will even find brands such as the Foria Relief which is not FDA approved yet. Whilst many manufacturers are on the right track, adequate clinical trials on different cannabis tampon brands are yet to be conducted. Thus, this makes it difficult to really pinpoint the average duration users will begin to feel the effects of these tampons.

What To Know Before You Use Cannabis Tampons

Before using any products, it’s always smart to do your due diligence. This is especially important if you intend on using the products on your body. Therefore, before you begin to use cannabis tampons, you want to get certain things straight. Before you opt for a cannabis brand, do some research about the product.

Read up on the manufacturing, labeling, and even the ingredients used. Some cannabis tampons may even contain ingredients that may cause allergy to some users. In addition to this, confirm if the tampons have been lab or clinically tested.

If you can, it is worth knowing where the ingredients have been grown to prevent from using ingredients that contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals. A good place to start when researching cannabis tampons is by going through reviews from users.- this gives you a better and “non-marketing” understanding of the product.

What If You Can’t Buy Cannabis Tampons?

Many areas still hold stringent laws and regulations against cannabis tampons. Therefore, you may not have easy access to such products. But this doesn’t mean you should continue to suffer away with the pain and cramps; taking the occasional liver-damaging aspirin to ease your woes.

Instead, you can easily teach yourself how to make these tampons at home.  To make cannabis tampons at home, you will need oils and concentrate or a raw bud of weed.

To prepare the tampons, do the following:

  • Add 1 gram of concentrate weed (or 5 grams of a raw bud) to boiling water
  • Clean the weed, strain it from the water, and let it dry in a pot
  • Ground the weed and heat it to 107 degrees celsius in a covered pot. Covering the pot prevented from losing its potency.
  • Add the weed and coconut oil to a mason jar, seal it, and submerge it in warm water for 60 minutes
  • Cool the container to room temperature then, freeze it overnight
  • If you are using raw weed, defrost the coconut weed oil and then strain it
  • Melt cocoa butter in a microwave for 10 seconds until it becomes liquid and stir in the strained oil
  • Pour the liquid into a silicone mold and wait for it to cool
  • After cooling, the tampons will be ready for use

To use these homemade tampons, insert one in your vagina and place one on your abdomen. You don’t have to worry about getting high sensations because the manufacturing process would’ve reduced the THC potency.


For a woman, menstrual cramps and pain can be a nightmare. So, it is always good news to find something to help with the pain without causing irreversible damage to your body. Using cannabis tampons, you will no longer have to push in heaps of pain killers into your body. Cannabis tampons are neither toxic nor damaging to the body. Furthermore, they come with more reported advantages such as reduction of inflammation and contractions in the uterus. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a more pleasant sexual experience? With these reported perks, you certainly want to give cannabis tampons a try.

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