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Weed in Manchester

August 2, 2020

Weed in Manchester is a much friendlier topic compared to most cities in the UK. This historic city is also known as a student city thanks to its numerous universities. Additionally, thanks to its majestic architecture, Manchester draws in a number of tourists as well. This profile makes it quite easy to score weed in Manchester. Want to know more about weed in this city? Check out this guide.

Manchester Marijuana Laws

However, regulations on weed in Manchester are not as strictly enforced as in other UK cities. Typically, you will probably have your stash confiscated and let off with a warning if caught with a small amount for personal use. In many cases, you will see young people smoking weed in the outdoors – but this doesn’t warrant any freedom to do so.

As a general rule of thumb, if you want to smoke in the outdoors, avoid tourist places Whilst the police are not so strict on weed smoking, they will be tougher on you if you drive whilst high.  

Cannabis Prices and Types

You can find medium quality weed in Manchester at around £15 per gram. However, if you want high end weed, you may have to double the price to around £30 per gram. Similar to most cities in the UK, weed in Manchester is homegrown.

Unlike other UK cities, you can find decent hashish quality in Manchester too. Typically, you will pay as low as £7 to 15 per gram for a brick of hash. Thanks to the ease of availability of marijuana in Manchester, you can find the best weed brands with highly potent leaves.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Manchester 

There are plenty of areas you can find marijuana in Manchester. These include;

  • University areas – This one is a no brainer! After all, that’s where most of the customers are anyway. In fact, you will even smell weed in certain areas of the universities, especially at night. You can even ask people that are smoking where to buy your stash – simply be polite and positive, you will certainly find someone to direct you.
  • Picadilly gardens – This area is the most popular weed destination in Manchester. You can find a dealer just 2 minutes walk away from Piccadilly station. However, it comes with some risks. Picadilly gardens is amongst the most notorious areas of Manchester. It is crime ridden and boasts a large number of drug users – make sure you exercise extra caution in this area.

Unlike other places, buying weed in such areas is not exactly grocery shopping. So don’t go around asking people– you don’t want to get yourself in trouble. Most people normally find their dealers by just making eye contact – until they ask you “how much?’.

Additionally, due to the crime and drug addictions, some dealers will not be as genuine since all they are doing is making some cash to indulge in their drug addiction. Always smell the stash and check the quantity before paying the dealer.

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