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Weed In London

August 2, 2020

In the world scene, London is not the most flexible city when it comes to weed regulations. Whilst some European cities such as Amsterdam have loosened up their regulations on weed – London still has a long way to go.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge yourself if you need to, should you find yourself in this city. In this guide, we’ve broken down some of the key information to know about weed in London to help you get closer to the score.

London Marijuana Laws

Marijuana laws in the UK cover the entire country – including the city of London.

Under this law, taking, carrying, making, selling, dealing, or sharing these drugs is a felony offense. This means that it can get you a hefty fine or even prison time – should you be caught and charged by the police. However, the strongest prison time and fines aren’t as common if you are caught with small quantities.

When found with small quantities for personal use, you are most likely to walk off with a warning. If you choose to use weed for personal use, it is normally advised to do so on personal premises to prevent from getting in trouble. After all, weed is still illegal in the UK thus, your fate if caught relies on the discretion of the arresting officer.

Cannabis Prices and Types

Weed prices vary based on the strain, quality, and quantity you opt for. You can buy weed for as low as £100 or as high as £150 per ounce. For a standard strain, of regular quality, you will pay a minimum of £15- 30 for an eighth of an ounce whilst at half an ounce, you will pay up to £80. However, at higher quantities, you will find yourself paying much less. 

Where to Buy Marijuana in London

There are several spots you can buy weed in London. However, not everyone will be comfortable visiting some of the areas. The best part is that there is a variety of spots to choose from.

  • Camden Town and Brixton – In North West and South London, you can find weed in areas such as Camden Town and Brixton, respectively. In these areas, it is quite easy to find dealers to purchase your weed from. 

However, when buying weed in these areas, you want to be extra careful as you can easily fall prey to scammers or addicts who simply want to snatch your wallet. Alternatively, you can purchase your weed from a familiar dealer.

  • Kings Cross – This is another popular destination for many dealers, especially at night. In fact, you are more likely to find a couple of fellow users smoking around there. If you can’t find a dealer to buy from, simply ask the person smoking and you will be directed.
  • Music festivals and clubs – In London, music festivals, as well as clubs, are also popular places to find dealers – after all, there’s normally a generous pool of customers to serve. Again, it is very easy to get scammed due to the large customer traffic, and of course, you won’t know the dealer. Simply exercise caution and don’t pay more than £10 for a gram!
  • Other locations – You can also find weed in other greater London locations such as the Brunel university campus and even throughout the Uxbridge road. In these areas, you can easily find a dealer by asking around.

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