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Weed in Leicester

August 2, 2020

Leicester has been an exponentially growing city over the years. As a smaller city, it offers the quiet intimacy that you wouldn’t enjoy in bigger cities such as London. However, being a small city that’s still growing, it also comes with its fair share of limited weed availability. Yet, if you try hard, you will still be able to score a stash. In this guide, we share key information about weed in Leicester.

Leicester Marijuana Laws

If you are in trouble for selling, using, or growing weed, you may easily end up paying hefty fines, or worse, spend up to five years in prison. However, recognizing that it is not so much a serious drug, you will not get into such deep trouble with the police for smoking it – especially if you have in small quantities,i.e. less than 3 grams.

You will probably be let go with a warning and confiscation of your stash. Yet, even this situation depends on whether or not you have a conviction history as well as on the arresting officer’s discretion. If you are caught selling or growing weed on the other end, you will end up in more trouble. 

Cannabis Prices and Types

In Leicester, you are likely to pay around £10 per gram – just like most cities. However, with the limited supply, you are also likely to get ripped off or overcharged.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Leicester

Finding weed in Leicester is not an easy task at all. This task is even difficult for locals and those familiar with the city. The easiest way to find dealers is through contact.

In this case, a friend or acquaintance will share the dealer’s number with you – you will only be able to buy weed this way. Even with this struggle, you may still end up with a crappy deal such as low potency weed or even, oregano for the untrained eye and user.

Alternatively, you can easily find contacts for weed dealers if you don’t mind the nightlife. At night, you can easily find university students in pubs or clubs – striking up a polite conversation with them can help you get contacts for a dealer.

Nevertheless, you are still going to be at risk of being ripped off. When it comes to hash, you certainly want to avoid buying it in this city. As if dealers in other UK cities don’t sell enough crap, you can easily buy animal waste and other unwanted crap presented to you as hash.

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