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Weed in Leeds

August 2, 2020

After London and Birmingham, Leeds is the third largest UK city. However, unlike cities such as London, it is not always easy to find weed in Leeds. Sure, the city is a financial epicenter with plenty of malls and entertainment hubs as well as it enjoys its fair share of visitors. However, scoring marijuana in this city is still difficult. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it will be impossible to find weed in the city entirely. In this guide, you will find key information regarding marijuana in Leeds.

Leeds Marijuana Laws

Similar to any other city in the UK, Weed in Leeds is illegal. However, you are most likely to be imposed with this strict punishment if you sell or export weed. If you are a marijuana grower, you will experience some trouble with the police as well.

However, as a smoker with a small quantity for personal use, you will not receive any harsh punishments. Typically, the police will confiscate your stash and let you go off with a warning. However, if they find out you are high behind the wheel, you will be in more trouble.

Cannabis Prices and Types

In Leeds, weed is a little bit more expensive compared to some cities in the UK. For medium grade weed, you will pay anywhere between  £15 and £20. For higher quality weed, you may pay up to between £30 and 40. Whilst weed in Leeds is not as widely available as in Manchester and London, you can still find popular brands with high potency.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Leeds   

Finding a weed dealer or seller in Leeds can be quite tricky compared to other cities in the UK. If you want to explore the streets on your own, it can even be dangerous. This is because many dealers hang in notorious neighborhoods – if you are a newbie, you will put yourself at risk.

In addition to being at risk, you may easily be scammed and sold an unauthentic product. Instead, the best way to buy weed in Leeds is through contact. Ask someone you know who is familiar with the city to connect you to a dealer.

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