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Weed in Bristol

August 2, 2020

Bristol is not as popular as a city like London or Amsterdam. With this comes strict marijuana regulations and limited availability. However, over the years Bristol has become more modern; boasting an interesting nightlife thanks to the two university campuses it hosts. With this comes the loophole of being able to score weed in Bristol. Check out this guide to find out how.

Bristol Marijuana Laws

Similar to any city in the UK, Marijuana is an illegal drug in Bristol according to the UK drug laws. Any association with this drug – whether you use it, sell it, grow it, exchange it, or even carry it – can land you jail time or hefty fines.

However, every city comes with its character. In Bristol, if you are caught with small quantities of marijuana meant for personal use, you will most likely get off with a warning. Generally, in Bristol, the police are more concerned with dealers, importers, and those who grow it rather than those who use it. Additionally, police are more likely to bust cocaine or heroin users than weed smokers.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you should drop your guard when using it. In special cases, you may even be free to smoke in public. For example, during the Ashton Court music festival in August, many people at this event tend to smoke. You will find scores of people who are high.

Cannabis Prices and Types

Weed in Bristol is normally imported from Amsterdam or homegrown. Depending on the quality and strain, you will pay anywhere between £140 and £170 per ounce. When buying from your dealer, don’t spend more than £10 per gram.

Similar to cities like London, you don’t want to buy hash in Bristol. This is because you are more likely to end up buying crappy soap bars with hashish scent rather than finding the legitimate stuff. With this, prices for hashish in Bristol vary a lot.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Bristol 

If you look hard enough, you can find weed in Bristol in several areas. In Bristol, visit areas such as Gloucester Rd, St. Pauls, St.Werburghs, or Easton. Whilst Gloucester Rd is a relatively middle class neighborhood, the latter areas are somewhat notorious parts of the city with increased drug use and crime – you want to take extra caution!  Alternatively, you are also more likely to score weed in reggae gigs.

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