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Weed in Brighton

August 2, 2020

Brighton is quite a small city yet, located by the ocean, it is a popular tourist town. As it gets dark, you will be impressed with its vibrant nightlife – with a host of clubs and pubs. Hosting a number of tourists – especially young people, the city boasts just the right ingredients for a proper night party life. With this scenery comes a generous supply of weed. So, if you want to know more about weed in Brighton, check this guide out.

Brighton Marijuana Laws

Generally, weed in the UK is illegal – including in cities such as Brighton. Whether you sell it, grow it, carry it, or smoke it, you will face jail time or pay hefty fines, according to the law. Off the books, weed smoking regulations in Brighton are quite lax.

If you smoke in your private space, you are less likely to get caught. Additionally, the city of Brighton comes with a unique trait as well. As a tourist city, you can easily smoke in tourist areas such as the beach or the park, without getting busted. This is because the police don’t want to drive tourists away and risk jeopardizing revenue generation for the city.

Cannabis Prices and Types

Most of the weed in Brighton is homegrown – and is normally of high quality. As a general rule of thumb, you will pay around £10 to £15 per gram for good quality weed. Additionally, you can also score some hash in Brighton.

However, hash is not as common in Brighton. You can easily buy low quality or unauthentic stuff. If you find the right hash, you may spend up to half of what you pay for marijuana. You will pay anywhere between £7 and £9 for hash in Brighton.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Brighton      

Unlike cities such as Leeds, you can easily buy weed in Brighton. If you don’t know any dealer and don’t have any contacts, simply check out any local pub or club – you will definitely find a dealer.

Furthermore, if you hang around any of the night beach parties, you certainly find dealers – after all, there will be a bunch of young people smoking by the beach anyway. Alternatively, you can ask around – exercise proper judgment to prevent from getting busted.

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