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Weed in Birmingham

August 2, 2020

Birmingham is UK’s second largest and strategic city; boasting several university campuses. With modernity, diversity, and an increased number of students, Birmingham is quite a vibrant city. However, unlike cities such as London and Manchester, it is not as easy to find weed in this city. This is not to say that you cant find it entirely. In this guide, you will find a few tips and tricks about weed in UK’s second largest city.

Birmingham Marijuana Laws

In most cases, you will be let off with a warning and your stash will be confiscated. Additionally, the first two counts of weed possession weighing less than 3 grams normally result in a warning. However, you don’t want to be too free that you smoke in the outdoors – you don’t want a daily scuffle with the police.

Doing so puts you under their radar. Selling or growing weed on the other end can put you in serious trouble – i.e. hefty fines or jail time. 

Cannabis Prices and Types

In Birmingham, you should expect to pay anywhere between £8 and £10 per gram of medium grade weed. Like any big city such as London or Manchester, you can find a wide selection of weed brands and even a variety of potency. 

Where to Buy Marijuana in Birmingham

If you are new in town and only rely on dealers, it may be difficult to score some weed in Birmingham. Generally, weed dealers don’t hang around middle class neighborhoods or in the city center. Instead, you will have to go to the notorious side of town to find a dealer – which is risky.

If you have contacts, they can easily hook you up with dealers that even do deliveries. Alternatively, you can meet up with them midway and exchange the stash for money. If you don’t know where to start, you can always look at the university areas.

This is where the biggest customers are. If you manage to find people smoking – a simple request will have you walk away with a phone number for the dealer. As usual, don’t expect to pay more than £10 for a gram of weed – you are still going to be susceptible to scams.

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