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The Strongest CBD Oil in the UK

July 10, 2020

Recently, we have learnt that the CBD market is one of the biggest markets in Northern America raking in billions of dollars. Also, various companies are also trying this miracle drug out and the United Kingdom is not also left out. Although this market is a bit new to the platform in the UK, there are already about 300,000 users that go in for CBD oil and the market cap size can reach up to £50 million. The numbers are expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

Ambitious Entrepreneurs based on the UK have already keyed in into the rise of CBD and most companies are already making very strong CBD Oil. In our article, we are going to look into the 5 strongest CBD oil in the UK.

Love CBD

At its infant stage, the CBD companies offered about 500mg of CBD as it’s the most potent product but today, it can be said to be one of the least strong types due to the fact that Love CBD produces a 2,000 my bottle which doesn’t cost you that much. With just £129.99, you can be able to get 20ml of this oil which has up to 100mg of Cannabinoid per ml.

This type of CBD oil is proven to be much different when compared to other types due to the fact that the application method is different. On this one, you need to spray it under your tongue instead of licking it bit by bit. Each spray may contain at least 16mg of Cannabinoid and that is the required dose for newbies and starters. It takes just seconds to dissolve in your mouth but we advise users to keep it under their tongue for up to 30 seconds before swallow.


Founded by Paul Benhaim, Elixinol is a CBD oil company that although is not a British company, ships and sells its cannabinoid oil in Britain with its offices specifically in Manchester. This bottle contains about 3600mg of CBD and it sure needs to be listed amongst the strongest CBD in the UK market. The parent company is located in California, United States, so you can also get a pure original CBD oil. This bottle comes at about £180 or $249 in American currency.

When it comes to comparison in terms of CBD per ml, this bottle does not hold as other oil due to the fact that it is available in 120ml of liquid. Meaning each mo contains about 30mg of CBD which is still acceptable for most users. The oil has a cannabinoid extract which the company also used an organic CO2 extraction process. The liquid also holds other particles and molecules such as alcohol, amino acids, vitamins and nitrogenous compounds.

Love Hemp

Love Hemp claims to be one of the original suppliers of hemp and CBD products in the United Kingdom. Their head office is based in London and they were established in 2015 with it’s CBD infused water product. Each of their 500ml product is infused with high doses of cannabinoid but the purchasing process on their website is not a fun one.

If you or anyone you are close to is experiencing epilepsy or even serious spine or back pain, the company provides a standard-sized bottle for then to make use of. Love hemp CBD oil has one of the biggest bottles we saw anywhere else in the UK. Users can but the 100ml bottle which boasts of having about 10,000 my of Cannabinoid for just a bot £399.99.

Hemp Botanics

Hemp Botanics was founded by Nick and Lisa-Marie, two entrepreneurs who claim to be one of the best CBD oil in the game. Most UK sellers don’t have products that contain Cannabinoids derived from American Hemp but this product very well contains it and it is also said to be the best type in the world.

This company is also unique due to the fact that it does not sell only it’s CBD product but sells from top brands too. Hard to get and Exclusive brands such as CBDistillery is sold on this platform for users. One of the strongest CBD oils in the UK, CBDistillery can be found on this site. A 30ml bottle of the oil has up to 5000mg worth of CBD and it is sold for about £200.


The Provacan is meant to be amongst the list of the strongest CBD oils you can find in the UK market but it is not number one when it comes to the strong factor. It is, however, one of the best CBD oil we have checked out and we also believe that it has a place on this list. While all the CBD companies are acute and excellent and we recommend any of these oils, the Provacan has more advantages when it comes to development and research.

The company is part of the CiiTECH family and they happen to have their own research lab and detection factory. They also prove their authenticity by getting their products tested by third pet labs and this company scrutinised their products to make sure that it beats it’s rival. Their CBD oil comes from certified organic hemp found in the European parts and this gives them the classic formula to make sure their customers use their products to their satisfaction.

All of the Provacan Cannabinoid infused oils are certified by kosher and they may contain CBG, CBDv, CBD, CBDa and other flavonoids as well as terpenes and omega acids. This product was developed in terms of collaboration with Israeli scientists and research leaders. It comes with a pipette dropper which you can use to monitor the amount of dose you take each time you assimilate the oil.

This oil due to its qualities isn’t that cheap in the market and it ranks as one of the best we have seen when making this list. Their strongest product has about 1200mg of CBD in a 30ml container which costs about £69.99. There is a total of about 200 drops of oil in this product so this means that you get 6mg of CBD each drop.


Some few years back, a 1000mg of CBD oil was known to be extremely vast. The cannabinoid industry has undergone certain fast changes and most producers offer customers CBD products above 1000mg. Also, 2000mg of CBD is not even worth the hassle anymore so we had to create this list to give you the best options.

After all said and done, Provacan is still a good choice I would prefer amongst all the options we have on deck although it just holds about 1200mg of CBD. The brand has a history of formulating and the oil is produced is rich in certain components such as flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids.

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