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Mimosa Strain


Mimosa (70% Sativa-30% Indica) (Indoor)

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Mimosa (70% Sativa\30% Indica) (Indoor)   The species is sativa dominant. Mimosa has 30 percent indica and 70 percent sativa. It is a crossbreed of Clementine and purple punch strains. If you are looking to shoot your mood in the morning, this species should be your priority. Mimosa has bright and happy daytime effects that are ideal for giving you a positive mood and chasing sleep away. You will be fully energized during the day and will be focused and motivated to carry out your regular tasks.   A light tingle will come with these effects, which usually lie in the body rather than in your mind. The THC concentrations lie between 19 and 23 percent. Therefore, Mimosa is suitable for managing sleep disorders like ADHD, ADD, and anxiety. The bud has a sour tropical taste and a sweet taste, too, when you exhale. The aroma flows within a similar profile with a bout of woody floral and earthy herbs.


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