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Wedding Cake Strain


Wedding Cake Hybrid (40% Sativa-60% Indica) (Indoor)

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Wedding Cake Hybrid (40% Sativa\60% Indica) (Indoor)   It is among the most potent marijuana strains you will find in the market. Beginners might find the potency pretty high. Therefore it is best left to experts. However, you don’t have to avoid using it altogether but rather use it with moderation.   Wedding Cake results in feelings of ecstasy that clears the brain once it settles. Your mood will be great too. Therefore, users will be left in a happy place since the strain takes away problems and worries.   The sweetness you will experience in Wedding Cake is that to behold. It released a strong vanilla smell with hints of pepper and earth that enhance the general aroma. You will experience the mild pepper spice once you consume the marijuana. When you spin the smoke in your mouth, you will feel the extent of the vanilla flavor. Upon exhaling the puff, you will be left with a sweet aftertaste.


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