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Lemon Amnesia Strain


Lemon Amnesia (60% Sativa-40% Indica) (Indoor)

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Lemon Amnesia (60% Sativa\40% Indica) (Indoor)   The strain is predominantly sativa because it has 60 percent of it and 40 percent Indica. The species is a crossbreed of lemon skunk and amnesia haze.   If you have ever been to Amsterdam, then you probably heard the term “lemon amnesia.” The plant has between 15 and 21 percent of THC. Although this concentration is ideal for experienced marijuana users, if you are a beginner, you should consider taking a lower amount. Even those who are used to taking cannabis will be happy to go slow or start with lower concentrations. The strain as citrus and earthy scent and is thus ideal for adding flavor into your smoking life.   Lemon Amnesia stimulates energetic bursts in the smoker to relieve muscle tension and offer calmness. The plant was awarded the sativa strain of the year 2012, making it among the best strains in the market. It is popular in Amsterdam, and thus you could even buy it in coffee shops.   The strain originated from South Asia, after which it spread to other regions. Lemon Amnesia is a combination of stress-relieving essences and euphoric ingredients. If you want to relax, consider taking this strain. Heavy smokers looking for a body relaxing and mind energizing strain will benefit from using Lemon Amnesia.


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