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Amnesia Strain


Amnesia (70% Sativa-30% Indica) (Indoor)

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Amnesia (70% Sativa\30% Indica) (Indoor)   The species is sativa-dominant with amazing effects and healing abilities. Amnesia is a favorite for medical cannabis patients because it has a THC content of between 20 and 24 percent; therefore, it offers a full-body relief alongside aromatic and citrus fruity flavor.   Amnesia is a popular sativa-dominant strain that is praised for having excellent healing capability and mood-improving effects. The soothing species has high yields with high levels of THC. It gives great cerebral impacts that could be overwhelming to beginner users.   Amnesia will give you instant ecstasy that will highlight your happy feelings. It is enjoyable for social smoking as long as you don’t recall your conversations. Sometimes you might experience irresistible giggles.   The disadvantage of taking amnesia is that it might leave your mouth dry and make your eyes itchy. The effects could make you feel quite thirsty and dehydrated. In rare cases, the strain causes the user anxious and dizzy. These symptoms occur when one consumes smokes in high doses.   The amnesia strain is perfect for medical patients that don’t find relief in less dominant species. The hybrid strain has a high concentration of sativa and is ideal at managing chronic diseases. Amnesia allows patients to find relief after several years of suffering from stress disorders.


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