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How to smoke weed without coughing?

September 4, 2020

In a 2013 study done by Tashkin, it found out that regular weed smoking causes visible and microscopic injury to your airways and this is similarly compared with an increase in the chances of getting chronic Bronchitis. He also found out that these stages stopped immediately after the person stopped using marijuana.

His study suggested that the cough that comes with marijuana smoking is not a health issue and it is also a short-term issue that does not have a negative impact on your well being.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you inhale smoke if it’s from either marijuana or cigarettes causes people to experience cough sometimes. This is due to the fact that the smoke irritates your esophagus lining. If you have taken in the smoke from a joint or you just ripped a bong and you started coughing, this means that your lungs wanted to get rid of the smoke and also refill the body with air.

If you start coughing when you aren’t smoking, this is your body telling you it has had enough and newbies can experience random coughing episodes which can last even up to weeks.

Some believe that when you cough, you get higher, and in theory, it helps expand your lungs which can also take in extra smoke. when you take in more smoke, you will get very stoned. You can also stretch and expand your lungs with a little breathing exercise.

If you stretch your lungs like this, you experience more blood flowing into the alveoli and this can result in more absorption of cannabinoids in the bloodstream. Truthfully, if you cough a lot after smoking, you wouldn’t find your high pleasurable and it can be very painful. Because of this reason, we have released 5 steps and ways in which you can cough less when smoking cannabis.

Step 1: Consider using a Percolator or Diffuser for Your Bong

Also called a Perc, this took is designed as an extra water chamber which is added to the tube of the bong’s main shaft. If you want to purchase one, you would encounter it with different designs that may look different. Don’t worry, they may be different but they all carry out the same job. If you add another water chamber, you will have increased smoke compared to the water. To explain this, your smoke would be more refreshing hence you won’t cough much.

A diffuser is like an extra down stem for your bong. It is closed at one end with small holes all over. When you smoke with it, the vapor will reach the water chamber in small amounts. The result hence a greater area of making contact with the water meaning you will get a smoother experience.

Step 2: Take Smaller Hits or Deep Breaths

Do you always take a massive hit and end up coughing your lungs out? If this is your case, then there is a possibility that your lung capacity isn’t up to the task of taking in that much smoke.

If you want, you can use spirometry to check your lung capacity. This practice can check the amount of air you can take in or give out. It is a small machine added to a mouthpiece using a cable. If you take this test, try taking smaller hits to now if you would cough less.

On the bright side, also testing your lung’s capacity can knowingly strengthen and reduce the way you cough out your lungs. Most times, the reason why you could when you smoke weed is because you are hesitant when you are inhaling the weird hence the smoke gets stuck and you have no other option than to cough.

Step 3: Don’t Smoke it, Eat it

While smoking weed gives users an immediate high, it isn’t the only way in which you can ingest this psychoactive drug. If you are not in a hurry and you want to prevent unnecessary coughing, you can go with the edibles option. Today, most edibles are made as chocolates, cakes, gummies, brownies or you can create yours with a simple recipe from the internet.

Step 4: Get High-Quality Weed & Grind It

When you go to your local weed dispensary, ask the storefront what the cultivation is kike. Eg you need to know how the weed is kept and how long it has been kept in that state. Any impurities or mold will end up ruining your high.

Also, ask if there are herbicides or pesticides in your greens too. Likewise poorly prepared and cured cannabis can give off a harsh smoke which would make you cough indefinitely.

You should also take note that coughing is affected by the amount of oxygen you take in when smoking. If you roll up a loose joint, there win be spaces between the weed and the paper which makes the coughing intensified. Also if you roll your joint and it is too tight, air won’t flow freely hence you gave to drag harder leading to more coughing.

Step 5: Keep Liquid (Not Alcoholic Beverages) Close By

Even if you undergo all these necessary steps, you might still find out that your lungs would become irritated and this will cause you to cough. Always keep liquid beverages or better yet water and sip it from time to time when you smoke.

As an experienced user, you can also choose to chew gum or suck in a lollipop to increase the rate at which saliva is produced in your lungs. Staying hydrated or lubricating your throat may help bring down symptoms when you take in too much smoke which can result in coughing.

Conclusion on Reducing Canna-Cough

If you do your research well, you can find other ways and steps which you can undergo to help you eliminate every possibility of coughing when you smoke a bong or you smoke a joint.

Other tips you can find is:

  • Don’t hold in the inhaled smoke for a long time. Your body metabolism takes in cannabinoids very fast so there is no need holding in the smoke to get higher. Unless you want to get higher.
  • Take in the smoke first with your mouth then inhale into the longs accompanied by fresh air. The oxygen you took in should give you an easier take in.
  • Bring out the smoke very gently just as you inhaled.
  • Make sure the weed in the join is not tightly packed or loose too.

There are sometimes where you can’t help it but cough when you smoke marijuana. If you don’t find this pleasant, you can try all the steps we started above to know which one which suits you. If it doesn’t still get you a smooth drag, consider going for a vaporizer. It would give you a smoother experience and you would cough less.

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