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How to Make Hash

August 14, 2020

Hashish is the result gotten from the separation of trichomes from the marijuana plant. Although these components are mostly found in fully grown cannabis flowers, it can also be taken from all over the plant in smaller engagements. Due to this fact, most growers tend to save their trim, so they can extract all the trichomes which hold all the terpenes and cannabinoids.

These trichomes are then used to make a pressed or heated form which is known ash or they can just use it to make edibles. Recently, most marijuana enthusiasts call the trichomes ”kief” and life is technically the swollen crystal form which is found at the end of the trichomes which are also hair-like and microscopic.

In the next paragraph, we will be showing you how trichomes can be extracted in different ways and also how they are turned into hash.

Hand Rolling Method

Hand rolling is a normal process where you handle large amounts of trim a and buds while harvesting. Certainly, some trichomes will stay on your palm and fingers and this would form a black sticky layer. Once a notable amount has stuck to your palm, you can rub your hands rapidly to form shares of hash particles.

There is no required amount of trichomes needed to make hash like this but it is required for you to gather quite enough because they are small. Certainly, the more trichomes you roll the more hash that is made out of the sticky layer.

Have it at the back of your mind that regarding the neatness of your hands, you might be collecting first from the person’s skin and natural oils along with the hash component and the good stuff. Well, you won’t know if test the hash as the trichomes will counter in terms of flavor and aroma.

Turning Kief into Hash Method

Kief is what you will find at the bottom of the grinder when you finish grinding your weed. Yes, this is one of the ways in which you can extract it. Let’s get serious and dive into the methods of doing it below but it is important you know how to make the hash once your kief is being provided. You need to have a pollen press because the pressure which is exerted from this device will turn your kief into fine and compressed hash.

To successfully process this, collect a lot of kief as you can find and use it in the pollen press. Now twist the knob so it can be as tight as you can get. Once it is right and okay, screw the adjacent side of the press off. Turn your knob until the hash comes out. It looks amber-ish and cylindrical in shape. You can crumble as much as you want on your next bowl.

Flat Screening Aka Dry Shifting Method

The Flat Screening method is very easy but you would just need a silkscreen. The smaller the holes in it, the purer your hash will come out.

To carry out this method, put your cannabis in the freezer for some hours. This would help separate the plant and the trichomes. Place your cannabis on the screen on top of a flat but clean surface. Gently rub your plant materials against the screen to get out all the trichomes to the flat surface. You can do this for a while but you should get up to 10% of your total weight of bud in trichomes.

Blender Method

To carry out this method, you might have probably had all the materials at home but you also need silkscreen. Put the cannabis bud into a blender and add a little water till it covers the buds. Add a lot of ice and blend for just 1 minute.

Once you have done this, grab a jar and drain the mixture using a silkscreen. Allow it to stay for up to an hour, you will start to see the trichomes resting at the bottom of your glassware. This is it, try to empty ⅔ of the water without losing the main thing. Add ice water again and let it stay for just 5 mins then drain the water as before. You can repeat these steps up to 5 times to get the best quality you can.

Finish this method by removing as much water as you can without getting rid of the true homes when you do it. Finally, use a coffee filter and pass the solution by separating the trichomes from the water. Squeeze your filter to get the remaining water out and dry your Kief residue. What you would get after all these is done is your final product so you don’t need to apply heat or press it again. Just add it to your joint.

Dry Ice Method

Using the dry ice method extracts just the resin itself with minimal or no impurities. This is one of the purest forms of making hash. In this method, you will need dry ice, a bucket, bubble bags, and some gloves. The mesh bags should be punctured to fit how pure you want your product to come out. A 73μm bag should give you pure resins and if you increase your bag to 160μm, you will get a fine and high-quality product with some plant particles which is not really bad but it depends on what you really want.

Now you have your tools, put your bud in a big bucket with dry ice present. Shake or stir this gently for some minutes, this will help to distinguish the resin from the plant chaff. This process is done thanks to temperature and the dry ice is used to keep your bud from being too humid.

When that is done, get a plastic bag and wrap it around the mouth of the bucket so you can turn it over. Look for a clean and flat surface and turn the bucket over to get all the continents to the bubble bag. Once you have gripped the beg, shake it Ontop of the surface. Once you do this after some minutes, you will see amber-like dust falling unto the surface. Get a plastic card and scrape it all together to form your resin. To turn it to a hash, all you just need is to put it in a pollen press and follow the same process as turning the kief into chaff.

Charas Method

If you have visited India, Nepal, and other similar regions, you will find out that Charas is similar to hand roll and it is gotten from uncured buds instead of the harvested plant.

For most people, they remove these buds from marijuana plants which are a few weeks away from maturity. Other people might as well wait for it to be harvested run from there, it is the same thing as hand-rolling. Charas is mostly smokable under most methods but you can also add it to your bong, joint, or smoke pipe.

Mechanical Drum Method

For people who can spend more, there is an almost perfect option that will save you energy as well as time. It is just like the dry shifting method but all the processes are performed by a machine. On this machine, there is a place in which users can place their weed and it is also covered with a silkscreen. The machine will do the shaking for you perfectly releasing the trichomes. To get the best quality, out your cannabis in the freezer three hours before you start the process. This procedure will give you kief just like some of the methods above, you need to use a pollen press to turn it unto hash

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