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How to Get High Naturally

August 28, 2020

It is no secret that we consumers love marijuana and we are behind every ongoing pro-cannabis campaign that is swarming up all over the world. In as much as that is the case, we should also know that getting high is not for everyone, and most times it is okay to even take a break too.

Whether you have a job screening, on a busy schedule or you don’t have the funds to purchase cannabis, there are so many cases where smoking a joint doesn’t seem right in your day.

So what can we do? Well if you want an alternative choice, then we got you covered. In this article, we are going to go through all the drug-free ways to get on your grove and believe me, these steps are easy, fun, and affordable in their own way.

What Do We Mean By Getting ‘High’?

But wait a minute, how can you get intoxicated without weed? We know it sounds a bit weird but when it comes to this one, science is with us and you can become hi without using any substances at all.

Most of you don’t know but our human body was made to get high or feel the pleasure that is why THC is so well received by the receptors and dopamine is released from the brain.

But is there any other way you can get high without any psychoactive drugs? Well, it turns out that there are so many things you as a person can do to release that chemical in the brain, giving you that feeling of being high.

We can see this even when we smoke weed. THC which looks like the natural transmitter called anandamide alters the level of dopamine production in the brain giving users this feeling of pleasure, reward, and highness. And just as that, there are different ways in which you can release these chemicals naturally.

Three Ways You Can Get High Without Marijuana

#1 Love

Have you ever heard this statement, ”love is a drug”? Well, this statement is actually backed up by science itself more than we ever even thought. Falling in love doesn’t really have anything with the heart but rather the chemicals released in your brain.

Have you ever been tired of someone for being forgetful, clumsy, and unreliable just because of love? Well, maybe it is time you rethink because scientific studies have shown that falling in love has the same feeling and effects on the brain when compared to smoking and getting high from marijuana.

There have been numerous studies that have been carried out to know how love mentally impacts us and this gave very amazing results. To reference Dr. Fisher, there are different stages of love and they can be grouped into sets of chemicals:

Step 1: Lust – Powered by estrogen and testosterone giving us very high libido.

Step 2: Attraction – This stage can be those sleepless nights and also the anxious ”does he/she like my stage”. The chemicals that work here are Dopamine and Norepinephrine(PEA).

Step 3: Attachment – Here is the highest and ultimate stage and here we have monogamy, a strong feeling of connection and commitment and this is because of the cuddle chemical AKA Oxytocin.

When you think about, a human’s love is bathed in brain chemicals including everything from adrenaline to dopamine that is why you get butterflies in your stomach, excited and also goofy enough to be considered being high.

#2 Exercise

Exercise is very good for the body, spirit, and basically the mind itself. Health experts have always wanted an increase in the way we do exercises but what if we tell you is also a way to get high?

Yes, of course, it improves your general strength, boosts energy levels, encourages weight loss, and also prevents any risk type 2 diabetes pose. With these positive feedbacks, you would also be surprised if we told you you can also get high from exercise,

To be clear here, exercising won’t really get you intoxicated but the chemicals which are related when you get high are also the same chemicals that are released when you exercise. Do you remember the ”runner’s high”? That phenomenon keeps runners of a marathon race in motion no matter what and we would explain the reason.

Research done with 10 runners looked into what exercise does to the brain. The participants had two PET scans differently at different times, one when they are not running and the other after two while hours of running. They found out that the number of opioids in the athlete’s brain had the same feeling of excitement and euphoria.

This research found out that people who undergo a large amount of exercise are known to have larger secretions of drug-like opioids which give athletes an intense high and this makes it likely for them to get addicted and keep coming back for more.

While it is very bad to over-exercise, once you get addicted to the ”runner’s high”, this can lead to an injury or potentially an eating disorder. Before you undergo this, we recommend that you consider your medical professional if you have any questions or queries. If not, you can exercise extremely to get high.

#3 Sex

If you have been a stoner, you could have experienced being high while having sex but do you also know that you can get high from just having sex? Well, we found out that having sex increases drug chemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters which gives you the feeling of high in the bedroom!

Although the high from sex is very strong, one study compared even getting high from heroin with getting high from sex. Scientists studying human orgasms found out that during female orgasm, the nucleus accumbens area was activated while in men ejaculation, the ventral tegmental area was activated. Both areas of the brain can also be activated using opiates and also organisms which is what gives humans that strong feeling of intense pleasure.

So if you don’t really like getting high from marijuana or you aren’t in the mood to, you can also go with this other alternative which gives you a different type of high.

Conclusion: Where is Your Next High Coming From?

Well, for most of our visitors, the concept of passing up on cannabis and craving for a different high is a silly one but sometimes, conditions might not make it possible to get high. Where you are going on a romantic date or you are about to run for miles, these three methods we started above are proven and backed by science. It is also free of charge.

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