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How Much Does Weed Cost in the U.K.?

June 10, 2020

Thirty-three states plus D.C. have legalized the use of medical marijuana, although the product remains federally illegal in the United States. In Canada, weed is legal for both medical and recreational purposes. The regulation comes with some adjustments depending on your specific location. In Europe, several countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany, have authorized the use of cannabis for some medical conditions.

Recently, marijuana was legalized in Britain but with strict restrictions. The products are available only to patients with unique medical needs. Thankfully, cannabis has been listed as a schedule two drug in Britain, which might result in loosening the regulations. As we expect better days for the marijuana industry in Britain, we can’t help but wonder why the restrictions are strict. The U.K. is among the largest producer of medical marijuana for both hospital and scientific research.

The Cost of Weed

London is an expensive city for marijuana users. It usually costs over six euros per gram of cannabis. The price is higher compared to Birmingham and Glasgow.

Here is the price per eighth in six U.K. cities for your reference:

  • London: £22.54
  • Leeds: £18.80
  • Glasgow: £21.21
  • Edinburgh: £20.62
  • Manchester: £19.32
  • Birmingham: £21

In many U.K. cities, you can buy a gram of weed for about ten euros or less. It’s a little shocking that the price of cannabis in Britain is less than in America, especially since the former has tighter restrictions. We will use an illustration to help you to understand the difference in pricing. In the U.K., an ounce of mid-range quality doesn’t go for more than $219. In California, where weed for recreational purposes has been legalized, one ounce of cannabis goes for over $300. There is no denying that the quality in California could be better since it is from dispensaries, but the difference is on the higher end.

If you live in the Shetland Islands, the cost of marijuana is super high. We researched across U.K. forums that host the island’s residents, and we came up with impressive statistics. The island is sited miles away from the Scottish inland, and they pay over $800 for an ounce of marijuana. Its remote location and the illegal status of the herb on this island are the major contributors to the high pricing.

East Asia is probably the priciest location for marijuana all over the globe. The reason is that there is little supply, thanks to the strict penalties associated with the use of cannabis. A gram goes for over $25 in Tokyo and over $22 for Kyoto and Seoul.

Quito is the cheapest city for weed on the planet. A gram there retails at about $1, which means that an ounce is about $40. You would be $1.6 for a gram of weed in Bogota and $2.7 in Jakarta. In both cities, cannabis is a class 1 drug, implying that you might receive a death sentence for selling the substance. Marijuana is a little over three dollars for a gram in Montevideo, where the herb is authorized for recreational purposes.

Will Marijuana Be Legalized Recreationally in the U.K.?

Considering the trend, there is a minimal chance that cannabis will be fully authorized in Britain. At the moment, it is only allowed for individuals with specific medical conditions like epilepsy. However, the U.K. is gearing up to break away from the European Union. The hard times ahead might make the nation to go through difficult economic times after Brexit. It might take years before the leaders conclude talks on trade arrangements with neighboring countries. Therefore, authorizing cannabis could help with holding up the overstrained National Health Service.

The IEA (Institute of Economic Affairs) wrote a report in 2018 that shed light on the U.K.’s cannabis black market. It is worth over £2.5 billion in yearly sales, as over 200 tons of marijuana is traded annually. The report states that licensing of cannabis will ensure the safety of the buyers and eliminate dangerous strains that are polluting the environment at the moment.

The institute of economic affairs also suggested that cannabis restrictions should be midway alcohol and tobacco. They suggested appropriate measures to ensure that only those over eighteen years are allowed to use. If licensed marijuana takes up over ninety percent of the market with an excise tax of thirty percent and a VAT of twenty percent, it will result in revenue of over £700 million. New employment and businesses would lead to another £300 million in annual returns. The government would also save about £300 in decreased administrative and policing expenses. Britain might be waiting to see what happens to Canada before authorizing weed. Another essential factor in understanding is that authorizing cannabis for recreational purposes might result in an increase in pricing rather than a decrease.

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