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How Many Different Types of Cannabis Are There?

August 21, 2020

Cannabis AKA Marijuana is just like most plants you can find in the world and they have different types of species and subspecies. These cannabis types may appear different, the height of each plant may vary, the colors of their burst, and the overall shape of the plant and leaves.

When you ask how many types of cannabis there are, you might get a lot of mixed replies. This is due to the fact that the answer depends on how the person you are asking groups types of cannabis. When you get to the root, there are sub-classifications of different types of plants that bear the name cannabis as being the plant genus and the rest games indicate the species.

In this article, we talk about the different kinds of marijuana there are in the world…

Marijuana, that psychoactive drug we smoke or consume and it gives us this euphoric high with even medical benefits is known as the cannabis plant, scientifically. It is divided into three species, which we would look more into in the rest of the paragraph.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is the most common species amongst the three types of cannabis and it the biggest of them all. They can grow up to 15 feet in height with upward point branches which are spaced out but still packed together.

The plant leaves themselves are said to be very narrow and long, appearing slender and thick, kinda like the plant’s shape. This type of cannabis is good most especially to be grown outdoors and it is more preferred by farmers because of its density and height. The plant tends to make it easy for the sun to reach all the buds to give users an equal result.

This type of cannabis plant takes a while to grow and flower and it also takes more time before it can be harvested but farmers who wait for the end product enjoy the harvest because a cannabis Sativa plant is more sizable than the ruderalis and the induced species. Sativa is said to have come from India and it stays well in warm climates that have atmospheres just as India. It can also be cultivated in Mexico, Columbia, and some other parts of Africa which are under the 30 degrees northern latitude line. Well, it depends on the type of Sativa plant you are smoking but the high this cannabis plant gives is creativity-inducing and productivity-inducing

Also, this strain of cannabis also helps patients with depression, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, ADD/ADHD, sometimes pain, and even mood disorder.

Cannabis Indica

The Indica is very well different from its sibling, the Sativa and the appearance takes a much sturdier look. The plant grows only about 6 feet with about 3 feet in average height and the plant looks like it lacks in few extra inches but it makes it up with a dense bushy-like look that is filled with high-quality buds.

The leaves of the plant are much fatter and robust with a wide appearance, copying the look of the plant entirely. All the physical appearances are just opposite to the Sativa species and it doesn’t just end there.

Farmers who plant this type of cannabis prefer not to do it outside but inside because of its portable size that can be placed even in the tightest of spaces. The Sativa species on the other hand need a lot of space for cultivation purposes. The Indica plant grows and enters into the harvesting period much quicker and this us a huge plus due to the fact it is planted indoors and shorter growth cycles mean quicker rotation.

Do not expect an indica plant to give you a reasonable harvest because it doesn’t near the Sativa crop when it comes to quantity but when it comes to quality, it gives off a superb high which will cover up for the yield size. The indica is said to have been first gotten from the central Asian countries such as Afghanistan and this crop unlike the Sativa, can comfortably stay above 30 degrees north of the latitude line. It may grow in countries like Lebanon, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkestan, etc.

Indica plants are best for making hash due to the fact that they contain high amounts of resin, one of the basic components to create a viable hash. The indica also affects individuals differently from Sativa.

The indica promotes tranquil and relaxing effects calming your body and mind, it gives more of a body high and affects less on the cerebral part. India strains are basically used to fight and combat difficult situations and conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, body pains, aches, anxiety, mood disorders, depression, chronic stress, etc. You should handle indica at the right tune of the day due to its sedative effects that can make it difficult to achieve anything the entire day if you high your joint too early.

Cannabis Ruderalis

The ruderalis is the third type of cannabis and it is not that common to come across. It is very short, measuring about 20-25 inches and just like the indica, it also has a denser foliage structure making it look like an extreme version of the indica plant in appearance.

The main reason you don’t really hear much about this strain of plant is that it is used not as a final product but to bred and with other strains and produce different strains which have different effects.

The ruderalis plant is not psychotropic and it doesn’t give you that type of psychoactive effect other strains give. It is used more as an autoflower effect that is why it is a desired genetic material that helps create different breeds that can give off unique characteristics.

Cannabis Ruderalis has a short flowering and harvesting period and it is found mostly in Northern climates where it can undergo harsh frosty conditions. Most people believe this plant comes to form Russia and it has little time to the florist before the cold conditions affect it. This is the reason why flowering is so short and quick to occur.


Although we have clarified aspects surrounding the different types of marijuana, it is hard to say how many types of cannabis exists but what we know is that this plant can be classified into three types which are Indica, Ruderalis, and Sativa. This paragraph is specially focused on those who wanted answers about this commonly discussed question that has been asked since cannabis use started spreading worldwide. We hope you love this article which is not just only entertaining but informative as well as educational. Always remember to consume marijuana responsibly.

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