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How Do Weed Vaporizers Really Work?

July 25, 2020

More and more people are becoming so cautious and aware of how they ingest cannabis and for years, smoking cannabis via a bong or a joint is one of the most common steps which users have adopted over time.

Nonetheless, there are observations and scientific tests which have been carried out suggesting that ingesting cannabis through vapour using a vaporiser is a much safer option. Recently, vaporisers are produced to heat the concentrate or herb while not combusting and causing smoke. Due to this method, users will inhale fewer impurities which may be harsh on the lungs.

Producers are rolling in advanced tech-savvy vape pens and this includes products that can be connected to an app on your Android or iOS phones. If you are new to using vape pens, operating one may seem very complicated and hard. In this article, we will guide you on how a vaporizer works and how you can make use of it.

What Is a Weed Vaporizer?

A cannabis vaporizer is a piece of tech which has the functions of heating your concentrates or herbs. Users can purchase either a desktop or a portable vaporizer and each type of vaporisers uses either one of the convective and conductive modes of heating. These devices tend to extract the THC from the plant then make them easy to take in as vapour. For more clarification, cannabinoids like THC have different points of vaporization.

Scientists suggest that marijuana burns or consists at 392 degrees F with a sweet spot found at 338 degrees F. Some cannabinoids vaporize at 285 degrees F. Although that may seem the case, vaporizers now have the option of producing heat of up to 400 degrees F.

Conduction Vapes

This aspect of heating includes a direct contact between the heated surface and your cannabis plant. In vaporizers, the surface is the metal and all you just do is place the weed on top of it. Once the metal surface heats up to the required temperature, the concentrate or herbs begins to vaporize. This heat affects and converts the cannabinoids found in the herb or concentrates to vapour which can be inhaled.

This type is not the best choice for a vaporizer and this heating form burns the weed due to laggy distribution of heat. When you use conduction method, it is hard to regulate the temperature of the vaporizer. In as much as that, this method is one of the most common for vapour producers.


  • They have a simple and sleek design which makes it cheaper.
  • It heats up the weed very fast which means you can inhale vapour immediately you turn on the vaporizer.


  • First rimers find it harder to use because of their precise temperature controls.
  • There is combustion risk due to the fact that the weed is directly contacting the heating metal.
  • Heat distribution is very hard which means that heat only affects the area where the weed us in contact with the heating metal. This can be solved by shaking the dry weed between hits.

Convection Vapes

With the convection type of heating method, marijuana does not touch the heating element. Rather, this method of heating involves passing air which is heated above the cannabis. When the air has reached the required temperature, users can then inhale the residue or a fan takes it to a part of the vape pen which holds the concentrate. This method involved heating your plant and converting its cannabinoids into vapour without burning it.

Vape devices with this kind of heating element are always made out of stainless steel or ceramic. This type of heating can get to all parts of the plant at the same time. This method us much more effective than the previous conduction heating. If a vape has a ceramic heating element, this part does a very fine job in conserving heat. Vape pens with the Convectional type of heating are more expensive than the ones with conduction type of heating.


  • With this type of heating, temperature control is very easy and possible.
  • When in use, there is no direct contact with the plant meaning combustion doesn’t really take place.
  • It is perfect for newbies.


  • They come with a very unique design meaning they are costlier than the conduction method.
  • It takes time to heat up since there is no direct contact.

In recap, a vape device functions by using convection or conduction type of heating. All you just need is to place the cannabis plant or concentrate and turn on your device. It would progressively heat the substance to a point where you start getting vapour. You can inhale the vapour via a pipe in the device’s delivery system.

What Are a Weed Vaporizer’s Components?

There is a vast choice of vaporizers in the market and they can all be separated into different but yet important components.

Heating Element: This part is the most intriguing part of a vaporiser. This controls the distribution and the speed of the heat. Vaporizers use both conduction and convection type of heat and it is hard to see the one which uses radiation.

Energy Source: An energy source gives your device it’s power. Most vape pens come with rechargeable batteries. For desktop versions, you rather charge it with a wall socket.

Delivery System: This unit transfers your cannabinoid vapour from the chamber to the mouth. With a portable device, you have to suck it in like you are drinking from a straw, while desktop versions, you can make use of whip tubing or balloons

Chamber: Also known as the oven, this is where users keep their cannabis extract which is heated using the device’s power. Some vape pen uses the heating coil for this cause.

In as much as experienced stoners love using the desktop vaporizer, portable types are more common now than ever. Apart from vaporizers that make use of concentrates like shatter or dry plants? There are also cartridge pens and concentrate pens too. These are just filled with honey oil, or cannabis oil and they function just like e-cigar.

What is the Best Vaping Temperature?

With as much as 100 terpenes and over 100 cannabinoids and a bunch of flavonoids, you can tell that cannabis contains lots of compounds and it is important to know that they vaporise and combusts at different temperatures. With that said, the best vaping temperature to set depends on the cannabinoid you are looking for:

  • At about 356 degrees Fahrenheit: Best for flavour.
  • From 356 to 392 degrees: this gives you a nice vapour and clean flavour.
  • From 393+ degrees: Recommended for vapour.

Vaporizer weed

When you use concentrates such as wax, shatter etc, instead of the normal dry plant, this can be called dabbing. Dabbing has to do with achieving higher temperatures. Most vaporizers are made with concentrates in the manufacturer’s mind and they can go up to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Although some people have reported getting the best flavour at temperatures of about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Terpenes such as Beta Myrcene (334 degrees), D-limonene (349 degrees) and Linalool (388) degrees have low temperatures to come out as vapour. High-temperature dabbing, on the other hand, can give users cough and throat irritation as well as an intense high.


Vaporizes are made in all types and shapes. If you want to use a vaporizer in your home, getting a large stationary one is a good idea. This makes more sense especially if you invite friends over. With the portable one, you can take it anywhere and enjoy the goodness of vaping cannabis. Just add your dry herb or concentrates in the device and power it up to heat it to your desired temperature.

Vape pens are classic for new users of marijuana because they wouldn’t harshly affect the lungs and the throat. They also give off less fume while giving people the high they can’t. You can pay as much as $300 for a top-notch vaporizer like the firefly 2. There are other cheaper models too you can get for just under $100. If you want to purchase, we ask you to conduct convenient research which can give you the best product because the market place is crawling with tons of fake merchandise.

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