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Flowering Stage Tips For Cannabis

October 11, 2019

Growing cannabis is a good hobby. But you need to do your homework properly before planning to grow Cannabis. It needs an adequate amount of water, energy and good care. Its always advisable to harvest Cannabis outside as it’s not an indoor plant. It requires the natural environment, air, water and sunshine.

But its always important to take care of the plants when its time for bloom.

Different stages of flowering cannabis

1: The Cannabis enters to the Flowering Stage i.e. the budding stage

It’s the best moment to see your plants entering into their new stage of life i.e. the budding or flowering stage. Make sure that your plants get sunlight in an adequate amount.

The first 1 to 3 weeks of the flowering stage are called as transition phase and the plants will continue growing. The height of the plants can become double. But the growth can vary due to the type of stain used.

2: Spotting the Newborn Flowers

Even if during the flowering stage of a Marijuana plant, the plant still needs care and support for its growth. Once the flowers become visible you have to optimize the light and nutrients. Only female plants are capable of producing the buds. Try to plant feminize seeds or buy female plants if you want flowers.

It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to become the first real buds visible. Now the growth of the plant may slow down a lot. Always try to keep your plants disease-free. But try to avoid the use of pesticides.

3: Glorious, Beautiful Cannabis Bud Pistillation are now winking:

Now you can see flowers blooming and your work is now giving you the output.

The entire flowering stage can take about 8 weeks and consists of the following different stages: transition stage, first budding stage, growth of buds, ripening stage and harvest.

Tips to harvest the best Cannabis:

1: Remove the leaves and branches that are dead

You can cut the big branches, but you should not cut the young ones. Never disturb the freshly developed flowers, let them grow and develop freely. You might bend the plants and tie them to influences the growth.

2: Humidity level should be 45%

You have to check the humidity during the flowering stage. You should keep the concentration of humidity for your grow room between 45%. Cannabis plants require moisture mostly during their cloning stage and vegetative stage. When the Cannabis buds are in the flowering stage it can adjust with 50% humidity in the weather. To check the humidity level daily you need to attach a good quality hygrometer. So, that you can able to monitor the humidity and take an instant step to regulate it if it is not in a favorable stage for your plants. You can save your plants from this danger by using this technique.

3: Install a Carbon-filtered airflow to your gardening area to control the CO2 level

Install a good quality carbon-filtered airflow system and check it regularly. The CO2 level can be checked regularly with its help. An airflow system is important as these plants can not tolerate it as they need fresh air constantly for flowering. The plants also will need a lot of CO2 (carbon dioxide) for their photosynthesis process, growth and health.

In the growth stage of the week, 4 to 6 of the cannabis will be entering the flowering stage, the buds will get to grow bigger and healthier. When the flowers are small like white pistils,  the plants will need more phosphor and potassium. These two are important for the good formation of bud. These nutrients support plant growth for flowering and producing fruit.

4: Avoid to use give the plant extra nutrition I.e. its advisable not to use the Nutrient Burn

Some people usually use Nutrient burn to give additional nutrition to the plant. But plants usually can not tolerate the chemical exposure that occurs due to the use of these supplements and may die as the leaves are burnt due to its effect.

5: Support the Heavy Buds from Light Exposure

Now the plants are in a developed stage. Nobody will want to lose the plant. So, light exposure to plant now needs to be monitored.

6: Trim the plants to avoid Excess Foliation

It needs to trim plant leaves sometimes so that the plants can focus mainly on bud growth. Make sure about the no of leaves your plant have as enough leaves are needed to support your plant’s health! As the leaves fuel the plant’s system and the growth of the bud. The Vegetative growth will be stopped in between week 6 to 8. The plant is now towards the budding stage.

A few leaves might turn brown from the bottom of the plant. The plants may face nutrition deficiency at this stage. So, it needs to check the pH levels and make sure about the daily need of your plant.

7: Avoid Excess Sun Light

Even though plants need sunlight to grow, but it can not tolerate high temperatures. It’s advisable to use a grow tent. But the height needs to be at least 12-36 inches above the plant height. Wattage lamps (1000W or similar) of high height is good to use for light. You can keep the height less if you are using lower wattage lamps (250W or similar) but at least 12 inches height lamps are better. Don’t let your plants to expose to light. Keep it in the shade when it is a dark phase of the day. Don’t interrupt your plants’ growth by changing the brightness of a light. As darkness is good for flower growth and light is good for vegetative stage. You should not confuse the plant’s growth by switching the mode of lightening. Use a timer to remind you when you need to turn your lights on or off, it will help to make you remind and ensure to maintain the lighting for your Cannabis.

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