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Best Weed Games Ever

July 5, 2020

Weed Culture is an expression made specifically to keep you relaxed and happy at all times. Cannabis’ most efficient effect is relaxation with a feeling of hysterics, so it is right on track if your high culture tends to give off that in every aspect.

If you and your girl like getting baked or your friend comes around for one or two smoke sessions, you would have been familiar to this. Most of your stoner sessions may involve watching a couple of movies or going through stoner books and talking about things in life, sometimes you would feel like you want to spice things up.

At certain points, you need to pay interesting games to make things go lively. Playing a game while smoking weed or being stoned is a great way to spice up your smoking sessions hence proving that you are that perfect stoner buddy.

In this article, we are going to go through the few games we have in stall for you to play. These games can be enjoyed by yourself or with friends anyway.

Mentioning Marijuana

One of the best games to pay, alone or with friends is the famous mentioning marijuana. This can also b enjoyed alone and it is one of the few games to do that. What you just have to do is to take a rip off the bong or smoke a joint anytime someone mentions pot, marijuana or weed.

Yeah, I know. That’s like almost similar to 90% of the drinking games we played outside the campus.

Last Man Standing

If you are searching for a game to play when you are stoned, you are going to like this one about overindulgence. To play this game, all you just need to do is to smoke as much as you can, till you can’t. You need to take a hit off the bong or finish multiple joints until you can have none. Get ready to be knocked out.

Expect to get wasted, big time.

Ghost That Hit

This game is for stoners who want to test or know the ability and the capacity of their lungs. This game is one of the most challenging but it is really easy to partake or emulate. You don’t need any equipment, just your bong or joint.

Everyone playing should sit around and each person should inhale the bong or joint and hold it in till it is passed around via the left side. They need to keep holding it in till the joint or bong comes back to their turn.


If you know the classic game blackjack, this game is going to be very way for you to play. Green jack has been proven to be one of the favourite games to play when high and it just needs a deck of card to do that. In the game, the person who gets close to 21 without going over it has to take a bong rip or a drag from the joint.

Some people might also add drinking to this game to make it more interesting. If you go over 21, you need to take a beer. If this is done, the players would be drunk and baked by the end of the game.

Bong Pong

If you have played beer pong in college, you would probably be family and understand this game better but either way, I would explain it better. It is similar but you need to add small hints of cannabis in the mix. You would then fill up the cups with beer and throw a pong ball to get into the cup.

If one gets into any of the cups, you would drink the weed and beer solution.

Hit It to the Beat

When having a smoke session, most stoners have some favourite stoner songs. If you want to play this game, ”Hit it to the beat”, it is easy to do and you really need those songs. Just hit the bong when the musician says a prominent word. Some of the best words which one can use in this game include:

Hit your stash every time you hear Bob Marley say ”jamming” from the song ”Jammin”

Rip the bong every time you play Sean Paul and he says ”we be burning” in his song.

Inhale any time you hear ”kush” in a trap song.


Medusa is a very fun game you can try during a stone session or when you are high. Just relax on a table with your heads down with their joints ready. Then after counting to three, you all should snap back up immediately with your eyes on someone.

If someone doesn’t look your way, you don’t need to inhale but if someone looks directly at you, you would hail and yell the word ”Medusa!” then take a rip. If everyone looks your way, you are sure going to be stoned.

Never Have I Ever

Most people played this game as a drinking game back in college. It’s very easy to emulate especially with stoned eyes and all you have to do is say what you have never done like… ”never have I ever…”. The person who hasn’t done that before would take a drink.

In this case, instead of taking a drink in a smoking game, you take a hit rather than alcohol. If peradventure you have a buddy like Glenn Quagmire, he would be pretty stoned at the end of the game.

Keep a Straight Face

When people are high, they do have petty little giggly moments which makes these games one of the hardest on the least. Each of your friends has 10 seconds to make everyone present laugh. If someone laughs, they need to take a hit. If you can’t make anyone chuckle, then you are the one taking the hit.

Name That Tune

This game is also a hard game compared with most of the other ones due to the fact that most of us aren’t coordinated when stoned. This game is just like the name that TuneTV SHOW they normally aired.

Each person has to play a song, the more unpopular the better. Then everyone present would try to guess which song it is. Those who can’t get the answer would hit their bong.

Get Creative

Rather than putting all hopes on a pre-made game, why don’t you try inventing your own game too? Pass the joint around, get stoned and creative too and come up with your own fun games. You might not be all that serious but your game may make a list of the best weed games ever.

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