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Best Indica Marijuana Strains

June 25, 2020

Indica is a potent cannabis strain originating from Pakistan. Indica is full-bodied and helps to induce sleep, calm pain, and give a killer high. There are tens of indica strains, all of which have different effects on the body. If you are trying to get high on Indica and don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. We have compiled an impressive list of all the indica facts you could ever want to know.

What Is an Indica Strain?

The cannabis sativa plant consists of three main strains: sativa, indica, and hybrids. Indica is different from sativa and the combinations in that it is short, bushy, and has broad leaves. It also grows faster than sativa and hybrids. If you are planning to grow marijuana indoors, indica is the best type to consider because it doesn’t become taller than six feet, and it flowers in nine weeks. In contrast, sativa can get to 20 feet, and it takes over ten months for it to flower.

Indicas are also loved for the fact that they don’t have heightened effects on the mind and body compared to hybrids and sativa. Although the strain is compared to taking a small amount of espresso, indica has higher sleep-inducing effects. That is why anxiety, insomnia, and anorexia patients use indica and not sativa.

Indica strains are also ideal for anyone that is hoping to benefit from the healing properties of weed. Indicas have more CBD in them than THC. If you wish to get high, you had better stay away from Indica because they don’t have as much THC as there is in sativa. Therefore, you won’t achieve a satisfactory high.

Which Medical Conditions Do Indica Strains Best Treat

Indica strains have been established to manage hundreds of symptoms. Since we cannot deal with all of them, we will highlight two conditions.

Multiple Sclerosis

Millions of people from around the planet have been found to suffer from multiple sclerosis. Generally, it is accompanied by muscle spasms, fatigue, and difficulty in walking. The symptoms range in severity from a patient to another. There are tons of treatments that you can opt for, but there is no cure. Conventional treatments include exercising and steroids.

CBD has been praised for its anti-spasticity benefits, which makes it an excellent choice for managing multiple sclerosis. The combination of CBD and THC in indica types make them ideal for multiple sclerosis patients. Indica improves mood, relieves pain, and relaxes the muscles. When settling for an indica strain to manage multiple sclerosis, go for one that doesn’t have a high THC content.


The condition is notorious for instilling chronic pain and devastating side effects. About eight percent of the world’s population suffers from fibromyalgia, and it is more prevalent in women than men. While there are a few treatments, none of them can cure the condition. A proper diet and exercising frequently are recommended to manage the signs.

Some patients use cognitive behavioral therapy drugs, which are often highly addictive. Indica is ideal for managing the condition because of its attractive CBD to THC ratios. Many indica strains have a high level of CBD, which is famous for its anti-inflammatory characteristics. It can also control pain, which is a debilitating symptom of fibromyalgia.

5 Best Indica Strains

Let us now dive into the strains you should buy.

Northern lights – Celebrity Strain

It is a famous strain that has bagged several awards for its soft buds and pungent smell. It is also known as pure indica, probably because it has 95 percent of indica. Therefore, it is packed with some of the most significant benefits of indica. Northern Lights plants have THC levels ranging between 16 and 26 percent. Consequently, you can expect a pacifying and mellow high.

When you take Northern lights, it will give you a dreamy elation that will work on both your mind and body. Some people say that the strain gives them a blissful lazy feeling. It is perfect for night time use and has been reported to enhance sleep and relieve anxiety.

Afghani – Stress Buster

It is an indica type that gives relaxing effects. Patients suffering from chronic pain, stress disorders, and insomnia can consider taking Afghani for its mood-enhancing benefits. Thanks to its exciting high, you will jump into a state of happiness immediately.

The strain is named after its origin since it was first grown in the Hindu Kush Mountains. It is the same location where cannabis was discovered over a thousand years ago. Thanks to its sweet flavor and pure aroma, Afghani is a popular strain around the globe.

Afghani is not the most potent kind in the market because its THC levels don’t pass 20 percent. That is why it is ideal for people that seek a relaxed high and those looking to enjoy its medicinal benefits.

Granddaddy purple – The Classic

The fruity strain has been in the market for over a decade now, and still holds the title for the most popular indica type. Granddaddy purple has over 70 percent of indica. It offers THC levels of between 17 and 27 percent and CBD of about seven percent. From these numbers, you can guess that it isn’t one of those strains you take lightly. Users can prepare for both a bodily and mental high that will make you excited.

Granddaddy Purple is ideal for insomnia patients or anyone who can’t sleep for whatever reason. It relaxes the muscles and gives pain relief. If you are looking for a dreamy buzz that will leave you pain-free, Granddaddy purple is your to-go-to strain.

Girl Scout Cookies – Euphoric Junkie

Here is another indica strain that has bagged many cannabis prizes because it has a potent hit of THC that can get up to 28 percent. Therefore, Girl Scout Cookies is among the most potent strain for medical marijuana consumers. The strain was launched in California, but it has now crossed borders.

Girl Scout Cookies is a special breed because it takes the user on an adventurous trail while still offering medical goodies. Anyone that has used this strain will admit that it has an exceptional flavor and a pleasant aroma. The sativa to indica ratio is 40:60, which means that the user experiences the best of both worlds. Girl Scout Cookies is used to alleviate nausea, appetite loss, and chronic pain.

G-13 – Contemporary Goodness

One of the most discussed weed strain is the G-13, which stands for Government Indica strain 1. Its popularity is unbeaten, especially considering that the United States government bred it. The type has been widely talked about because it has been present since the 1970s.

G-13 is excellent for relieving several symptoms like nausea, appetite loss, and seizures. It contains between 22 and 24 percent of THC, and it offers a creative focus on the consumers. However, if you are looking for a burst of creativity, this strain isn’t ideal because it also gives an ecstatic high. G-13 has 70 percent of indica, thus making it perfect for medicinal uses. It boasts of a strong aroma, such as the one in oranges. If you wish to enjoy a variety of medical benefits, G-13 is the perfect strain for you to use. The users also enjoy a better mood as it can help manage depression and stress.

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