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Best CBD Vape Oil UK

June 30, 2020

It’s the end of another decade and you would think that CBD Vape oil laws would be updated just like the rest of the world. Although regarding hemp-derived, non-psychoactive cannabinoids like cannabidiol.

Nonetheless, we have not gotten there yet. Just as we root to win the world cup in the next tournament and bring the football glory to our home, it looks like we are finding it hard to adapt and recognise the therapeutic and safe uses of hemp-based products.

Due to this fact, CBD Vape oil laws in the UK have been slow and many uses all over the country are experiencing a hard time getting original and high quality made goods.

In this writing, we are going to look into everything related to UK CBD Vape oil, we users can get it safely, the amount you would spend for each of them and if these contents and nice flavoured vaporizing oil are even legal in the UK.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

So you have gotten to know that you can get CBD vape oil legally in the UK, now let’s look at what makes it high quality and how they are different from the normal e-liquids.

When we talk about cannabis vape liquid, we are referring to two types: hemp-derived e-liquids that has more CBD and no or less THC and actual marijuana e-liquids which has high traces of THC in them. And you should have guessed by now, only the former is legal in the UK.

But you may ask, how is CBD extracted from cannabis plants and made into an e-liquid you can vape?

Well, there are numerous process and steps you can take to achieve this but the proper way to do it for us to make sure you have the easiest and safest way you can. This step is called CO2 extraction.

Due to the fact, carbon dioxide can exist in a unique state between gas and liquid, it is can be compacted without applying high or extreme temperatures. This state is called a supercritical state. Because CO2 acts this way, it is the perfect way to extract CBD and it would extract up to 100% of the cannabidiol found in the hemp without changing the chemical composition of the CBD.

Once you have extracted the CBD, you have to pass it through purification processes and this multi-stage process makes it possible to get the final product which can be put in a vaporizer and inhaled. It is important that you check the chemicals and ingredients which manufacturers use in the extraction process because some companies still use butane as an extraction compound.

Although it works, this gas is very dangerous because it is inflatable or it can explode at any time. The extraction compound can also leave some solvent residue which is something that you wouldn’t want to take in.

1. Provacan CBD eLiquid

The Provacan CBD eLiquid brand is one which produces one of the best high-quality e-liquid which is manufactured and processed with care and potency and it can’t be compared to any other company.

The company is an affiliate company to CiiTECH which is the parent financer of two researchers in the Hebrew University located at Jerusalem.

To say it in simple terms, these guys make one of the best world-class vape oils you can find anywhere in the UK.

Their products are normally offered in 300mh and 600mg of CBD in prizes which users can afford and buy. They respectfully cost about £27.99 and £42.99 each. You can make an order by visiting their online stores.

2. Hempura

This company has been trusted by many over the years to make the best UK CBD oil and it comes down as one of the options on the list.

Just like the Provacan brand, they have two types of CBD vape oil and they are (250mg – 500mg), but they are cheaper costing about £19.99 and £36.99 each.

This company is one we always recommend and we have gotten to try their rich, smooth flavoured CBD vape oil which over time, we have loved.

3. CBDistillery

This company is owned and operated mainly in the United States but they also ship and sell their product to the UK too.

This company seems to have a deal with the Hemp Botanics online store and this place is one of the best platforms to shop for CBD Vape oil. The company’s product is so affordable and their products come in all types of forms including Dabs, their most famous merchandise.

If you stay in the UK and you are looking for a high-quality, cheap CBD e-liquid oil, consider visiting the store and giving CBDistillery a peek.

4. PureKana

Before we continue here, you should know that PureKana is one of the leading CBD oil marketers for two years now and the quality of their product is unmatched amongst all platforms.

Until recently, the company even introduced its first line of CBD vape pens, which is nothing but high quality and effective.

CBD Vape Pen

PureKana is also a Company in the United States but they also ship to the UK’s and all these depend on the price of what you want to purchase and I’ve amount you want to get. It is a perfect choice if you run out of options when looking for the best CBD vape oil you can get in the UK.

5. Hemp Botanics

Just like CBDistillery, Hemp Botanics is a store which users actually go to buy products from different brands. It’s like a megastar for hemp products. If you are into vaping and dabbing, this store gives users an array of products from different manufacturers like Extract lab which makes quality products too.

In conclusion, this is one of the best places you can shop around and get a number of hemp products which can be shipped directly to you.


All in all, we know that CBD vape oil in the United Kingdom may not be as prominent as other parts of the world(Precisely Canada and the US) in terms of high quality and classy options on the Hemp market.

However, this doesn’t mean that users have to give away quality to get a well made and safe vape oil. In our end, we consider Provacan to be one of the best CBD manufacturers in the world and most of their products are easily for sale even in North America.

We hope that our laws and regulations would catch up with the rest of the world and we soften down on cannabis-related laws. But it’s nice knowing that there are high-quality products which are available to your disposal.

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