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Sweet Pink Grapefruit strain


Sweet Pink Grapefruit – Hybrid (85% Sativa-15% Indica) (Indoor)

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Sweet Pink Grapefruit - Hybrid (85% Sativa\15% Indica) (Indoor)   The strain is a hybrid of the delicious grapefruit with an unknown sativa strain. Most of Sweet Pink Grapefruit is made up of sativa, which means that you will experience a considerable “high.” The name is attributed to the strain’s fantastic flavor and incredible look. It is ideal for keeping you awake.   The THC content in Sweet Pink Grapefruit is averaged to be between 15 and 19 percent. The strain is packed with a fruity, citrusy taste with a tone of sugary pink upon exhaling. The aroma might get sour with an earthy taste. It has a bold and vibrant flavor with euphoric effects that will not allow you to rest on the couch or your bed.   The effects get into your brain shortly after consuming the herb and consequently lift you into a state of pure bliss. As your mind gets used to the euphoria, the adverse effects will start wearing away. You will also feel motivated and more creative. The THC content is 19 percent, with 3 percent of CBD. The combination makes Sweet Pink Grapefruit ideal for those suffering from appetite loss, depression, and fatigue.


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