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Gelato Strain


Gelato (45% Sativa-55% Indica) (Indoor)

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Gelato (45% Sativa\55% Indica) (Indoor)   The strain can be said to be dominantly indica because the hybrid contains 45 percent sativa and 55 percent indica. Gelato is a cross of Thin Mint Girl and Sunset Sherbet X. the bud is famous for delivering a delicious flavor and high potency. The effects are thanks to the high THC level that doesn’t go below 20 percent. Gelato‘s taste is a lot like that of Sweet Sherbet, but with orange and blueberry flavors.   Gelato has an aroma that resembles lavender citrus berry with a woody effect. Although it carries a tasty flavor, most users love this strain because of its impact. Even with some indica dominance, you will feel high when you take the herb. You will first experience a cerebral head rush that will hit you on the forehead. As the feeling of getting high builds up slowly, you will feel a body buzz bush over you.   Taking Gelato is excellent for people that like feeling calm and relaxed after the feeling of excitement wears out. The potent and balanced effects of Gelato make it an ideal option for patients suffering from chronic fatigue, migraines, and inflammation and muscle spasms.


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