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Dear our Valued Customers,

We regret to inform you that we have to terminate accepting Amazon gift vouchers as payment method for an undefined period of time. We were trying our best for this payment method to remain for as long as we could but unfortunately Amazon started blocking the gift cards and we experience sufficient losses due to this fact.

For all of you who made the payments till now and for whom we confirmed that your order was processed or sent – it remains as it is.

With regards to above, we kindly request you to switch to Bitcoin payment method which is the most secure and reliable payment method. And yes, we understand that it might be challenging for some of you to figure out how to set up the account and how to operate it and it also might be time consuming but once you have it set up, you would discover that it is not complicated at all and it’s really convenient payment method. For all of you who require support with it we are always happy to assist via email: [email protected] or via our Contact us form.

Meanwhile, please find below the list of some easiest ways of purchasing Bitcoin:

OR choose any other platform(step-by-step video tutorials included):

We really hope you would understand and remain with us despite the challenges we have to overcome together and wish you and your families to stay safe.

Peace and Love,
Weedzy Team


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